21 Easy Plant-Based Ways to Make Mother's Day Delicious for Mom!

21 Easy Plant-Based Ways to Make Mother's Day Delicious for Mom!
Prime Roots

May 08, 2021
May 08, 2021 4 min read

We are full supporters of the idea that food is love! Sometimes, there is just no better way to let someone know you care than to make sure they're fed amazing food.
  • Which is why we've lassoed up enough perfect plant-based Mother's Day meals to keep mom happy from now until next Mother's Day!
  • Ok. Maybe not that long.
  • But hey, there's enough delicious plant-based Mother's Day recipes here to feed your mom for at least a week.
  • So here goes!

Treat Mom to brunch.

No mom wants to get up early on a Sunday. Or any other day really. But especially not on Mother's Day. So here are 7 meatless brunch ideas to cook up for your special lady...when she wakes up that is!
  • (Warning: We advise you not wake her up. ;-) )

1. Plant-Based Black Pepper Bacon Eggs Benedict

An easy peasy Prime Roots original recipe created for lazy Sunday mornings! You can dress this recipe up or down however mom likes it!

2. Plant-Based Maple Bacon Scones

A sweet and savory vegan brunch recipe for mom's special day! And now, you can replace the original Prime Roots Plant-Based Bacon with our new Maple Bacon!

3. Plant-Based Bacon Weave Burger

Is mom gluten-free? This juicy plant-based burger is topped with umami-rich vegan bacon and meatless egg! It just so happens that it's also a perfect gluten-free Mother's Day brunch food!

4. Banana Bread Steel Cut Oats

Keep mom full from brunch till dinner with this easy Instant Pot friendly banana bread inspired meal from the Minimalist Baker!

5. Super Simple Plant Based Pancakes

Simple, yes. But there is nothing basic about this eggless pancake recipe made with dairy-free milk from Cookie + Kate! Can you say healthy comfort food? Topped with maple syrup of course!

6. Easy Plant-Based Quiche

Whaaaaaaat?! Eggless quiche?! Yep. Nora Cooks created a pretty awesome plant-based quiche recipe for mom to nom nom on at her leisure! We recommend customizing it with one of our new Plant-Based Bacon flavors!

7. The Best Plant-Based Avocado Toast

Actually, this recipe from Well and Full gives mom allllllll the options! She can be vegan or vegetarian, meat-eater, or flexitarian. Make this toast match whatever mood mom's in. It's her day!

Treat Mom to dessert.

What mom wants, mom gets on Mother's Day. If she wants to sleep in until supper? Let her. Oh, she wants to have a spa day? That's cool too.
  • She wants to eat desserts all day? We've got you, boo.

1. Chocolate Covered Bacon

Move over strawberries. Our superprotein Plant-Based Bacon has you beat! Plus, this is literally the easiest Mother's Day Dessert ever!

2. Salted Caramel Bacon Mug Cake

Did someone say cake? Everyone knows the idea of cake in a mug is the greatest thing since sliced bread. But here's a recipe that makes plant-based eating easy, fun and delicious. Mom can even enjoy it in bed with her morning coffee!

3. Plant Based Maple Bacon Donuts

Yep. We did that. And there is never a wrong time for donuts! Whip up a batch – or two or three – of these for mom to munch on all throughout her special day! They take plant-based nutrition to a whole new level!

4. Plant-Based Maple Bacon Ice Cream

Did we say the Chocolate Covered Bacon recipe was the easiest? We lied. This easy peasy plant-based Mother's Day dessert has that one beat!

5. Plant Based Cheesecake

Most people call it dessert. We call it dinner. Mom will never be able to tell that this cheesecake from Chocolate Covered Katie is vegan! It is sooooooo good! And since it's actually healthy, it really could be dinner!

6. Dark Chocolate Pie

Oh She Glows gets the award for best Mother's Day pie. One, because it's freaking out-of-this-world delish. Two, easiest pie to make. Ever. Even a husband can do it. ;-)

7. Plant-Based Peanut Butter Cookies

Mom will love how grabbable these yummy cookies are! Might wanna make extra because they won't last long! Love and Lemons did a great job with this one!

Let the kids treat mom too!

It is Mother's Day after all! Those crazy kiddos may drive mom crazy but she loves them to the moon and back infinity times. And they technically loved her first!
  • So let them help make her day special with kid-friendly plant-based cooking!

1. Bacon Wrapped Mozzarella Sticks

When in doubt, wrap it in bacon. Our bacon, that is! This is a plant-based finger food even the kids will stand behind!

2. Pizza Tacos

Who says you can't have tacos on a Sunday? Tacos are great every day. Especially when they're combined with pizza. And on Mother's Day too? Can't go wrong.

3. Plant-Based Ravioli Grilled Cheese

Check out this easy recipe using our new line of Plant Based Ravioli! It is packed with nutrition and flavor. And it'll be something yummy for the kids to eat with mom on her special day.

4. Vegan Bacon S'mores

We know this is dessert-ish, but it's definitely a kid-friendly food too! Kids will love making our version of the classic s'more recipe for mom!

5. Cheesy Taco Pasta with Plant-Based Ground Beef

So younger kids won't be able to do all of this by themselves, but they can take part in creating this healthy, but delicious, taco pasta dish bot mom and kiddos will love!

6. Easy Veggie Spaghetti

Mom'll be happy that her tiny humans are getting their veggies because this plant-based spaghetti recipe from The Simple Veganista is full of them! This is a fun vegan recipe for kids to help make!

7. Hummus Pinwheels

This Mother's Day recipe created by From My Bowl is perfect for tiny hands to make! Super duper easy! Just warm the flour tortillas, spread, roll, slice and enjoy! Plus, kids can fill them up with whatever mom (ahem, they) likes!

  • Did you find a recipe in here that's perfect for the special lady in your life? Let us know in the comments! We love hearing about your experiences with creating amazing plant-based foods!
  • And if you haven't joined our inclusive foodie community yet, head on over to our Community pageand check it out! It's free to join and comes with perks!
  • Happy Mother's Day to all the amazing, beautiful, strong moms out there!

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