5 Plant-Based Myths Debunked! (We're Making Snopes Proud)

5 Plant-Based Myths Debunked! (We're Making Snopes Proud)
Prime Roots

by Prime Roots
December 12, 2020 4 min read

Ever heard of a little band called Fleetwood Mac?
  • Well, they had this pretty big hit called Tell Me Lies. And while that song is very enchanting, the point of it is to keep telling lies because it’s often easier for people to hear those than the truth.
  • Now, we’re not saying you’ve been lied to. And we’re definitely not saying Prime Roots will lie to you.
  • Quite the opposite really.
  • We’re here to expose the truth about plant-based eating! We know you’ve probably heard all sorts of things about the various different eating lifestyles, from eoctarianism to veganism. So we’re on a mission to set the record straight. Even if the truth may be a little hard to hear.
  • Part of our big planet-full mission here at Prime Roots is to educate people on how cool it is to collectively eat less meat. We want to impart knowledge that is digestible (haha, get it?) and applicable.
  • Plant-based eating is more sustainable and healthier for you and the earth. So below, we’re gonna debunk 5 big myths about plant-based eating that even Snopes would be proud of!

1. Plant-based eating is the same as being vegan or vegetarian.

Let’s clarify a few things that a lot of folks seem to be confused about.
  • A vegan diet excludes any and all animal meat products. That means no dairy, eggs, seafood, animal protein, or any dish or dessert that contains those things. Adopting a vegan lifestyle can be challenging for those who haven’t taken steps first to eliminate other forms of animal protein from their diet. But it’s not impossible!
  • Vegetarians eat everything except actual animal proteins. That means they include dairy, eggs, and often seafood into their diets but still keep their primary source of nutrition and protein plant-based.
  • Then there are the flexitarians! You can learn more about them in our blog post, Is Flexitarianism or Ecotarianism a Food Fit For You?.Flexitarians reduce the amount of animal protein they eat but do not eliminate it completely. They may have one meal a day or one meal a week that includes animal protein or animal byproducts.
  • A plant-based diet simply means that you incorporate more whole food plants into your meals than processed junk. We’re talking whole fruits, veggies, whole grains, legumes, nuts, seeds, and plant-derived oils. All real, unprocessed foods. That’s it. There’s no mystery there!

2. All plant-based foods are healthy.

With veganism and vegetarianism on the rise, it’s easy to believe that all plant-based foods are good for you! 
  • But that’s simply not true. 
  • There is a vegan form of almost anything your heart desires hanging around on store shelves and the world wide web these days. That doesn’t make them all healthy. Vegan cake still has sugar. And many store bought, processed vegan foods have tons of sodium, fillers, and preservatives that are terrible for you.
  • The key to incorporating plant-based eating into your lifestyle is to include whole foods. Foods in their most natural form. The way they look when they come out of the earth is how they should be cooked and eaten. Got a sweet tooth? Use plant-based sweeteners such as organic stevia, dates, monk fruit, molasses, or maple syrup. And use them sparingly!
  • Ok. Next!

3. It’s hard to get enough protein on a plant-based diet.

If this is true, then why is famous YouTuber and bodybuilder Jon Venus so ripped?  Not to mention the many other vegan bodybuilders, male and  female, who sport washboard abs and pumped up bicep guns on the regular. Naturally.
  • The diet industry in America has fueled the misconception that you need a ton of protein in your diet daily. The truth is, the average person only needs 40-60 grams of protein a day.
  • Protein is found in all foods. If you’re eating a balanced plant-based diet, there is no reason to not get your recommended daily amount of protein in. Even if you’re 100% vegan. Beans, legumes, soy milk, nuts, even oats and other grains have plenty of protein to support a healthy lifestyle.
  • As a matter of fact, Prime Roots plant-based meats have more vitamins, minerals, and protein than any type of conventional animal protein available! Aaaaaaaand they taste and feel like the real deal!
  • This leads us to our next myth.

4. Plant-based meals don’t fill you up.

Um. Have you met Prime Roots meals?!
  • First of all, our meals are hardy servings. There’s a lot of freshly made plant-based goodness packed into each one of our delicious and nutritious meals.
  • Secondly, plant-based meals are often more filling than the high sugar low fiber foods that one may normally eat. Plant proteins are super filling because they pack the staying power of protein as well as fiber, which is filling.
  • A filling plant-based meal with the power to fill you up should be well-balanced and consist of whole foods with various colors, textures, and tastes. Eating a plant-based diet doesn’t need to be bland and boring.
  • Quite the contrary, in fact. They’re packed with flavor and nutrition and still fill you up for the long haul.

5. Plant-progressive eating is expensive.

This is such a common thought that we had to include in our mythbusting blog post!
  • Plant-based eating can be really costly. But it doesn’t have to be.
  • Spending the majority of your grocery budget on whole plant foods like beans, legumes, nuts, seeds, and fruits and vegetables that are in season is actually the least expensive way to sustain a plant-based eating lifestyle.
  • Stock up on more expensive items such as vegan cheeses, meats, and yogurts only occasionally or when they’re on sale and use them sparingly.
  • This will help you adopt a more whole food plant-based lifestyle, which is healthier for you and the planet!



  • Did you learn something you didn’t know? Maybe you’re already a plant-based eating guru! We care about the thoughts and opinions of our community, so reach out to us and let us know either way! 
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