5 Vegan Keto Snacks for Your On-the-Go Life

5 Vegan Keto Snacks for Your On-the-Go Life
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February 26, 2021
February 26, 2021 3 min read

We all need a little help with good eatin' sometimes.
  • Planning, creating, cooking, cleaning up. Food takes time. Eating takes time. Sometimes it's time we just don't have.
  • When we're tired and rushed and just need food, we grab whatever is on hand. Or close. Or carb-filled. And if you're trying to watch your weight, lose weight, or live that plant life, all your morals and ethics fly out the window when your blood sugar drops and your tummy growls.
  • The Keto Diet is in these days. And we're here to say that you can eat keto and plant-based at the same time!
  • Yep. True story.
  • We've got 5 plant-based keto snacks to help you stay keto, vegan, and ditch the "hangry" when you're on the fly!

1. Vegan keto granola bars

The Minimalist Baker has an awesomesauce recipe! Her Healthy 5-Ingredient Granola Bars are the perfect addition to a keto diet. Packed with protein, good cholesterol, Omega-3, fiber, and yumminess, you can keep doing life, losing weight, or just staying healthy with these grab and go snacks!
  • No time to make them? We love the KIND, Made Good, and Bobo's store bought brands!

2. Vegan keto chocolate protein cookies

Buying already prepared vegan food is expensive. Buying keto specific food? Also very expensive. Buying plant based keto food? Let's just not go there.

    3. No bake keto energy bites

    While the ingredients for these may not normally be on your grocery list, we recommend you add them because they are delish! Both versions. And hello, they're no bake!
    • These are perfect for plant based eaters and keto dieters! Pop them in the fridge and then in your mouth when you need a pick me up! Find the keto and paleo versions over at The Big Man's World.

      4. Keto vegan chocolate chip muffins

      If you know us, you know we have some maaaaaaaad avocado love. And these Chocolate Avocado Muffins from Sweet as Honey check all the good for you and delicious boxes. If you use sugar free maple syrup, they're even sugar free! But even if you don't, it's a natural unrefined sugar, so still pretty healthy!
      • Plant based keto muffins? We think yes. And you can omit the chocolate chips or use vegan chocolate chips if you'd like!

        5. Vegan chocolate chia pudding

        Chia pudding is perfect for breakfast, lunch, or snack. It's filling and oh so delicious. We found this pretty amazing Chocolate Chia Pudding Keto Recipe from Keto Millenial that's made with canned coconut milk. You can always use almond or oat milk if you have a nut allergy or don't like coconut!
        • Bonus. You can make a big batch of chia pudding at the beginning of the week and add all kinds of keto-friendly plant based yummies to single servings of it when you need a quick brekkie, lunch, or snack!
        • Are you a plant based keto diet fan? We would love to hear from you! You're like the rare unicorn of eaters and we want to hear all about your plant-based keto experience! You're welcome to join our free Facebook community, I Can't Believe It's Not Meat! as well. All are welcome there and your input would surely be a refreshing take on plant based eating!

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