7 Black Vegan Chefs You'll Want to Hang With

7 Black Vegan Chefs You'll Want to Hang With
Prime Roots

by Prime Roots
February 17, 2021 4 min read

If you've taken a peek at the Prime Roots meal selection, you'll know that we loooooove inspiring, delicious, diverse foods!
  • We want to celebrate the culture, ingredients, and stories behind the foods we create and that of other fellow foodies.
  • That's why we couldn't go the month without recognizing some of our absolute favorite black vegan chefs! These folks are making waves in communities all across America for their amazing stories and vegan food.
  • They're making a difference. A positive impact on people and planet.
  • And we kinda love that! Let's check 'em out!

1. Tracye McQuirter


This amazing chef isn't just a foodie. She's an author, educator, and advocate for marginalized black Americans! Tracye also comes backed with a Masters in Public Health from NYU and 30 years of experience living the plant-based lifestyle.
  • Tracye led the first federally-funded, vegan, community nutrition program and is the nutrition advisor for the Black Women's Health Imperative! Mad props to you, Tracye!
  • She also took part in creating the first vegan-themed website specifically for Black Americans. She's been featured in some pretty prominent publications such as VegNews, The Washington Post, USA Today, and Women's Health!
  • Check out her latest book, Ageless Vegan, or find more about her vegan offerings here!

2. Bryant Terry

Bryant Terry just isn't your average vegan chef. This man is on fire!
  • No, not literally. But his personality does sizzle!
  • Bryant has been the Chef-in-Residence at the Museum of African Diaspora (MoAd) since 2015. There, he creates programming that celebrates diversity and inclusion through farming, food, health, art, and culture. He's hosted events such as "Black. Queer. Food.", "Farming While Black", and "Recipes for Resistance".
  • Bryant is also a best-selling author, with his most recent book being Vegetable Kingdom, which is a curated vegan playlist of 150 whole-food vegan recipes.
  • You can find Bryant here!

3. Aisha "Pinky" Cole


Don't hate on the name of Pinky's flagship restaurant, Slutty Vegan! Because her vegan burgers are bangin'! She's also made vegan food accessible to a community that had absolutely zero plant-based food options.
  • Not only does she have hours long lines of people waiting to buy her food, she also donates funds to help local college students pay off their debt and stay in school.
  • Not enough to give you the warm fuzzies? Pinky founded the Pinky Cole Foundation to give middle and high schoolers living in poverty access to resources and education to break out of that life and have a better future.
  • We are in love with her...and her burgers!

4. Ayinde Howell


We're not gonna lie. We're pretty proud of our Plant Based Bacon Mac. It's creamy, delicious, and our best seller.
  • Buuuuuut. We can't deny that Ayinde Howell's famous Mac n Yease is pretty amazing too! And so is he.
  • Ayinde is a life-long vegan, actor, and co-author of a very awesome book called the Lusty Vegan. It's definitely one of the most eye catching vegan cookbooks we've seen!
  • Ayinde's take on his great-grandmother's family recipe, Mac n Yease can be found in 63 Whole Foods in California, Nevada, and Hawaii!
  • We think you're pretty awesome, Ayinde!

5. Babette Davis


Have you seen this woman?! Go ahead. Google her. We'll wait.
  • Babette is 70 years old! This vegan chef is the perfect example of how a plant-based diet can not only keep you looking young, but actually keep you feeling young!
  • She incorporates raw and comfort foods into her lifestyle and makes them accessible to those who need it. Babette is not only a world-class chef, she's a fitness expert and motivational speaker. She's a published author and has made appearances on TV shows like Hallmark's Home and Family and HBO's series, Insecure.
  • If you live in (or visit) the LA area, you can find her food being served at her popular area restaurant, Stuff I Eat!

6. Kriss Kofi


Believe it or not, Kriss started his culinary career in the Army! He's dedicated himself to learning about all kinds of amazing food in many different cultures!
  • That's not when he started cooking though.
  • Kriss has been cooking since he was 13, helping his dad's restaurant. He made the decision to go completely vegan in 2014 and hasn't looked back.
  • Kofi's foods are exotic, plant-based and Caribbean focused, since he was raised in a Jamaican household. He's cooked for some big name folks and made quite a big name for himself!
  • You can find where he's traveling next on his IG page!

7. Francesca Chaney


Francesca is young and hungry. Literally and figuratively! She's the youngest one on our list but being young hasn't stopped her from making a big plant-based impact!
  • Francesca made Grist's list of 50 top innovators in sustainability in 2019. She was also featured on the 2019 Eaters Young Gun's list.
  • Her community-centered vegan cafe, Sol Sip, made a debut on the Rachel Ray Show and is an integral part of her community. From November 1, 2020 - January 2021, Francesca gave away $15 food vouchers to people who receive EBT (Food Stamps).
  • She also offers free cooking classes and weekly sliding-scale brunches!!
  • Yeah, we're kind of in love with her too! You can find her here!
  • Whew! That felt like a road trip! We kind of want to be besties with all of these chefs!
  • But more importantly is to recognize them not just for their commitment to plant-based living and cooking. These folks are making a huge difference in the lives of soooooo many people! They are literally feeding people and planet.
  • And, of course, we're aaaaaaall about that!
  • Do you need to hook up with an inclusive foodie community? Maybe you need some support on your plant-based journey. Resources, recipes, friends. Check out our free Facebook community, I Can't Believe It's Not Meat! Everyone is welcome at our table.

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