Around the World With Ravioli

Around the World With Ravioli
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March 18, 2021
March 18, 2021 3 min read

We already covered how old ravioli is in our last blog post (which you can find here!).
  • Ravioli's seen some things. And some places.
  • In all seriousness, ravioli isn't just common Italian cuisine, especially not nowadays. And it's prepared all kinds of different ways in different countries around the world!
  • This means if you travel to the countries we talk about below, you'll at least know of one food that's safe to eat! ;-) After all, ravioli is pretty much a dumpling. And almost any kind of dumpling is amazing.
  • As a matter of fact, some of these you've probably had before. Just maybe not in the country they originated in.
  • Check it out.

China - dumplings

Since research reveals that Asians most likely invented pasta, it makes sense that the Chinese have perfected dumplings! They may not look like ravioli, but they're a stuffed pasta. And it's a safe option to eat if you're ever visiting China and don't know a lot about "real" Chinese food. (Hint: It's not like American Chinese food.)
  • Chinese dumplings are commonly filled with minced meat like chicken, beef or pork and vegetables. Plant-based dumplings are a thing too! They're full of veggies, typically cabbage, carrots, and other traditional Asian vegetables.

Poland - pierogis

Whaaaaaat?! You've never had a pierogi?
  • Pierogis often look very similar to ravioli, just semi-circled in shape. They're pretty easy to find here in the freezer section of your local grocery store, and they are served as appetizers at some restaurants.
  • But pierogis originated in Poland. They can be sweet or savory. The savory ones are commonly filled with potatoes, cheese, onions, or sauerkraut. Or some combination of those ingredients.
  • They're pretty freaking delicious.

Spain - empanadas

These folks knew what they were doing when they created basically a huge fried ravioli! Empanada means "to fold." The Spanish have introduced the Western world to all kinds of amazing foods, and empanadas are one of them.
  • These savory pies are often filled with beef, chicken, pork, or cheese, onions, and spices and are often served at parties or festivals. They're an easy handheld food to eat and are versatile. Empanadas are easy to make plant-based.
  • There are even dessert empanadas!

Kazakhstan - manti

These little pockets of deliciousness look like a combo of dumplings, ravioli, and wontons in shape, but it's what's on the inside that counts!
  • Manti is a steamed dumpling usually filled with ground lamb or beef and served with butter, dill, or yogurt. These can also be found in Turkey and are generally a safe bet to nom nom if you have no idea what anything else is on the menu in those countries!

India - samosas

If you're not familiar with Indian cuisine...well, we're sorry. Because we haven't found anything we don't like about it! Especially samosas.
  • Samosas are fried triangles from heaven, usually stuffed with common Indian foods and spices like potatoes, peas, garam marsala, and curry. They may also contain cilantro, mango, or various chutneys, depending on the chef. Samosas are traditionally plant-based, but that doesn't mean you won't find them on a menu somewhere with meat in them!
  • And they are faaaaaaaaabulous!

Italy - ravioli

While all the other countries we've mentioned have a derivative of ravioli, Italy is known for its traditionally shaped and sauced ravioli. Even though we're pretty certain ravioli didn't originate in Italy, over the centuries, it has become a commonly Italian pasta!
  • Stuffed with meats, cheeses, spices, and usually covered in tomato or other savory sauce, ravioli can be square, round, or semi-circled. If you're visiting the country though, don't be on finding any plant-based ravioli dishes easily. They are definitely meat and cheese kinda people.
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