Behind the Scenes in 2020: Prime Roots Reflections

Behind the Scenes in 2020: Prime Roots Reflections
Prime Roots

by Prime Roots
December 31, 2020 4 min read

Wooooooo hooooooo! We made it!
  • It’s finally the end of 2020! Can you believe it?! Not that everything will change overnight, of course.
  • But still, it’s that time of the year when everyone is ready for a fresh start, a new beginning, and we’re all excited about the prospects that a new year brings. Because it just has to be better than the year before.
  • Don’t we always say that though?
  • While we are super stoked about all the amazing things in the works for Prime Roots in 2021, we can’t leave 2020 behind without reflecting on all we accomplished for people and planet.
  • The wins. The challenges we overcame. And the foundation of an amazing community of supportive and inclusive foodies!
  • Let’s recap and remember with grateful hearts!

2020: Challenging times for Prime Roots

Starting a business isn’t easy. Creating a brand that people know, like, and trust is even harder! But that was part of our 2020 goals. To be authentic, transparent, and to feed people consistently good food that’s good for the planet. 
  • And with that goal in mind, we battled a worldwide pandemic and crashing economy.
  • During the early stages of COVID, we encountered fulfillment and shipping delays.Often, 2-day shipments became 2-week shipments as carriers encountered more and more issues with keeping their employees safe. Due to limited numbers of fleets available to carry shipments, delays were inevitable.
  • This meant supply chain disruptions, production challenges, and waiting longer periods of time for ingredientsthat Prime Roots needed to create the delicious meats and meals our customers had quickly become fans of.
  • On top of that, shipping costs dramatically increased.Getting our perishable goodies from our West Coast facility to our East Coast foodies in a timely manner became costly. And because Prime Roots doesn’t profit in any way from shipping (we charge you what carriers charge us), we simply couldn’t afford to ship to our middle and eastern America communities.
  • We received many complaints about our shipping costs, which we addressed with transparency in one of our recent blog posts, Prime Roots Shipping Costs Explained. If you haven’t read it, feel free to check it out!
  • Despite all the struggles, Prime Roots grew...exponentially!

Meeting Milestones with Meats and Meals

Prime Roots launched their very first product in February 2020. Right before the pandemic.
  • Prime Roots Plant Based Bacon,was born from the requests from our loyal foodie community and sold out within hours of launch. Hours. We’ve fought hard to keep our best-selling meat in stock ever since!
  • It’s been a really good thing. Vegans and meat eaters alike are in love with our plant-based bacon made from koji!
  • We were overwhelmed with foodies interested in joining the Prime Roots mission and team. And so we safely welcomed many new faces, even during the pandemic. We’ll begin 2021 with 20+ new team members!

  • By October, we launched a whole line of delicious Prime Roots heat and eat meals(with more to come).And we also established a partnership with Whole Foods.People all over the San Francisco Bay area can find us there!
  • As a matter of fact, October was a huge month for us! 
  • We revamped our website to reflect our growing and evolving brand. It now houses all our meats and meals,our blog, recipes, and a  beautiful space for our growing community!
  • November didn’t let us down either. 
  • We launched our brand new line of exclusive plant-based holiday meats, sides, and bundles,perfect for Thanksgiving and Christmas gatherings!
  • Everything was sold out before Thanksgiving.

  • We also (finally) were able to offer nationwide shipping!It was a really exciting milestone for Prime Roots. To be able to reach our amazingly supportive community of foodies nationwide meant that we are one step closer to our greater mission of nourishing people and planet worldwide.
  • Tens of thousands of units of Prime Roots meats and meals reached thousands of community members near and far in almost every single state!
  • Prime Roots made an impact in 2020. With the help of our amazing customers and community, we produced tasty, high-quality plant-based food that fuels people and helps reduce the effects of climate change.
  • But that’s not all. 

Prime Roots in the news

We were humbled by the spotlight.
  • Most recently – in December – our founder, Kim Le, and co-founder, Josh Nixon, landed their spot in Forbes 30 Under 30for social impact! There’s also a feature article about our plant-based answer to Christmas dinner.
  • Prime Roots is definitely revolutionizing the meat industry!
  • In February, on the cusp of the Prime Roots Plant Based bacon launch, Kim interviewed with  a staff writer at Fast Company whose primary focus is solutions to some of the world’s largest problems. And an article was bornhighlighting our yummy bacon, how it’s made, and why koji is the star ingredient.
  • Prime Roots went on to get press mentions by Veg News and The Wall Street Journal this year. 
  • We are grateful that our big news made big news in communities across America!
  • Through all the challenges and hurdles we faced, our community of inclusive foodies was right there riding the wave along with us. We couldn’t do what we do without your support!
  • With 2020 behind us, we have so many new surprises in store for our foodie fam this coming year, so stay tuned because we’ll be knocking 2021 out of the park with our revolutionary meats and meals!
  • Not a part of our mission-minded community of foodies yet? Join us! It’s totally free and you will be in the know when we launch new products, offer freebies and give aways, and you’ll get exclusive invites to our in person and online foodie events! Drop your email and zip deets below. We promise we’ll only send emails when they’re yummy!
  • Ready to be planet and plant-progressive this year?To be a part of the Prime Roots planet-full mission? When you become a community member, you have the opportunity to apply to be a Prime Roots Ambassador or Taste Tester!That means free food for you and more people get to experience the environmentally friendly plant-based foods that Prime Roots has to offer!

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