Busting 5 Distressing Vegan Meat Myths

Busting 5 Distressing Vegan Meat Myths
Prime Roots

by Prime Roots
February 21, 2021 4 min read

Ya know, we hear a lot of untruths about about what it's like being vegan or vegetarian. About living that #plantbasedlife.
  • Usually, what is said aren't outright lies. They're misinformed statements.
  • We don't think folks are out to lie about being vegan or plant based. We think they are bombarded with so many different sources of information on those topics that they don't always know what to believe.
  • So they pick what works best with their own morals and ethics.
  • But here at Prime Roots, we want to be a source of credible, reliable information on all things related to plant based eating, veganism, vegetarianism, and flexitarianism. Because it's important to us that our community has all the tools to make educated decisions about their health and food choices.
  • So without further ado...
  • Let's do some mythbusting!

Myth 1: Vegan protein is less nutritious or not as effective as a source of protein as animal protein is.

Fact: Vegan protein is not only just as effective, it's actually more nutritious than animal protein!
  • In order for our bodies to keep working the way they should, they need all 9 amino acids found in almost every animal protein option. This makes them "complete proteins." But animal proteins are not the only complete protein sources.
  • Plant proteins such as quinoa, hemp seeds, spirulina, chia seeds, buckwheat, soy, tofu, tempeh, and edamame are complete proteins as well!
  • Oh yeah, and so is koji. Koji is a mycoprotein. A whole food superprotein that has more nutrients per serving than any type of animal protein. You can learn more about it here!
  • As a matter of fact, animal proteins are pretty much only good for that one thing...protein.

Myth 2: Eating soy products causes cancer.

Fact: Most experts agree that a soy rich diet is beneficial.
  • Many moons ago (not really), researchers believed that soy products increased humans' risk of cancer. Particularly women and specifically breast cancer.
  • That's because soy has a compound in it that acts like estrogen and excess estrogen hasbeen linked to increased cancer risks. New research suggests that the compound differs significantly from estrogen in many ways, and the human body doesn't absorb that compound the same way animals did in the studies anyway.
  • They believe the benefits of soy far outweigh the drawbacks.
  • - Polyphenols. AKA antioxidants that protect your body from cell damage.
  • - Lower bad cholesterol.
  • - Reduced risk of cancer, particularly breast cancer in women.
  • - Improved bone health.
  • - Improved heart health.
  • - Excellent source of protein, vitamins, minerals, plant fats, and fiber.
  • Take that nay sayers! Just kidding. We just want you to know the facts about soy and how it is an excellent source of plant protein, even better than conventional proteins.

Myth 3: Vegans don't get enough protein because they don't eat meat.

Fact: Most humans actually consume way more protein than their body needs on a daily basis.
  • Truth be told, most Americans alone eat 2x the recommended USDA protein intake. That's a lot.
  • The average amount of protein intake for a sedentary male or female adult is 46-56 grams per day. Overconsumption of protein can lead to health issues like heart disease, weight gain, osteoporosis, and increased cancer risk.
  • That's equal to about 7 oz of chicken (or one chicken breast), 5 oz of red meat (or a very small sirloin steak), or 8 oz of pork (or 1.5 boneless porkchops). That's not even taking fish into account.
  • Vegans get pleeeeeeenty of protein. They probably get more than they need as well. But at least it's healthier protein than animal proteins are. And plant based proteins aren't as digestible and bioavailable as meat. So consuming more than is needed isn't a big deal.

Myth 4: Vegan meat = tofu

Fact: There are tons of delicious plant-based meats on the market that aren't tofu!
  • Just look at Prime Roots! Our vegan meats are revolutionary! From bacon to beef and chicken, we offer meats made with koji. Grown and harvested naturally by us.
  • You can have a quick drool over all our delicious meats and meals here if you want!
  • But there's also vegan meat made with soy, tempeh, black beans, seitan, oats and any combination of all of those. Vegan meat has come a really long way from just being tofu based.
  • Plant based proteins also come in all the same forms that you're familiar with in conventional meats. Burgers, nuggies, sausages, hot dogs, ground "beef", and chicken everything.
  • And that's all we have to say about that.

Myth 5: Vegan meats don't give us the same amount of stamina as animal meat.

Fact: Stamina isn't solely based on protein but also on carbs and fat intake.
  • Have you heard of Venus Williams? How about Colin Kaepernick?
  • Ok. What about famous folks you maybe haven't heard about like Olympic medalists Morgan Mitchell (sprinter) and Meagan Duhamel (figure skating), or world surfing champ Tia Blanco?
  • They're all vegan.
  • And there are plenty more examples of pro athletes going plant based or even vegan. They each have their own reasons, of course, and not always health related. But either way, seems like they're doing just fine with their stamina and energy levels. These athletes continue to thrive mentally, physically, and emotionally on a plant-based diet!
  • Actually, a plant-based eating lifestyle can give you more energy than a conventional one. Mostly because you're naturally consuming more healthy fats, carbs, and an appropriate amount of protein.
  • Is there something you've heard about vegan meats or veganism in general that you're not sure about? Maybe you're already a plant-based eater and you've heard aaaaaaaaall the crazy myths, sayings, and "facts." Hit us up in the comments and let us know!
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