Dear Bacon...I'm Breaking Up With You

Dear Bacon...I'm Breaking Up With You
Prime Roots

April 24, 2021
April 24, 2021 2 min read

  • Here at Prime Roots we are obviously passionate about creating change and making a positive impact on people and planet.
  • We want to address serious issues in a way that our community will resonate with! And for us, that's through smiles, laughter, and love. Which is why we wanted to write these letters. To help you say goodbye to bacons that are bad for you.
  • Because you deserve better.

  • Dear vegan bacon,
  • Heeeeeey. I really wanted to talk to you about this in person, but I just couldn't bear to waste anymore money on you. You being not at all what I expected.
  • I mean. Bacon shouldn't be made from carrots or eggplant or coconut or....banana peels. Who even does that?!
  • Just because I don't eat animal protein doesn't mean I don't love the taste of actual bacon.
  • And how could you not tell me that you're full of more than half my recommended daily intake of salt?! Or how your ingredients are hyper-processed using high heat. So you basically have zero nutrition.
  • What a waste of vegetables. You don't even have any protein
  • Anyway. I've found something better now. Something that respects my need for unprocessed bacon that is even more nutritious and delicious than you.
  • Plant-based bacon that looks and tastes like bacon. Not carrots. Or any other vegetable for that matter. All I have to do is choose if I like it crispy or chewy, and I will not longer compromise.
  • Bye forever,
  • A Prime Roots Bacon Lover

  • Dear conventional bacon,
  • So. We need to chat.
  • I really thought I'd never find anything as good as you. That's why I stayed. I just couldn't bear giving you up, despite how incredibly unhealthy you are.
  • But things have changed. I met someone new. A bacon more amazing and just as delicious as you are, and one that I can actually have everyday.
  • You're just toxic. This relationship is toxic. You make my heart sad because of all that crappy cholesterol. You're cancerous even. You make my risk of diabetes, dementia, liver and heart disease higher.
  • No to mention you are at least partially to blame for climate change and poor working and living conditions for pigs and for humans working on gross cramped factory floors.
  • My new boo is different. A bacon that's nutritious, delicious, and doesn't cause me any health problems and even sizzles and cooks like you. It literally is all the things you're not and then some. It loves all animals and is really doing amazing things for the planet.
  • My new bacon tastes, smells, and looks just like you. Minus the oink.
  • So, we're done. Forever. And I'm not sorry.
  • Bye,
  • A Prime Roots Bacon Lover






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