Dear Mom,

Dear Mom,
Prime Roots

May 09, 2021
May 09, 2021 2 min read

Hey mom,
  • Have we mentioned lately that we love you?
  • Yeah, we know we don't call enough. Or visit enough. Unless we need something.
  • But we really do love you. Today and every day. You have and continue to help make us, mold us, and shape us into the obviously amazing humans we are ;-)! And we certainly wouldn't be anything without you.
  • So it doesn't matter how far apart we are. It doesn't matter if we haven't called in well over a month (errr two). It doesn't matter whether we saw you 5 seconds or 5 years ago.
  • We have a few things we want you to know today and every day. You ready? It's your turn to listen. And we mean that in the most respectful, loving way!

1. We love the heck out of you no matter what forever and ever amen.

2. We will never consider you old. Ever. You're just mom.

3. But we'll still understand that your needs will change as you age.

4. And we wanna help. It's our turn to support you.

5. We think you should eat better. Because your nutrition is just as important as ours ever was.

6. Yes, we're still mostly skipping out on animal products, but hey we're definitely eating our veggies. So there's that!

7. No, going plant-based is not one of the weirdest things we've ever done. Wearing jeans with no back pockets was.

8. And wearing all denim everything.

9. Actually, there've been some MUCH weirder things.

  • The point is, we know we gave you gray hairs and wrinkles. And we kind of hated you from 6th-12th grade. Or, at the very least, you embarrassed the crap out of us just by breathing.
  • But now. Now, we just want you to live forever. Because we just can't imagine a moment in our lives that you're not around.
  • We're not saying you have to be "weird" like us. You don't need to "Go vegan or go home."
  • But you see, we understand that conventional animal products, while beneficial in many ways, also contribute to inflammation, cancer, heart disease, high cholesterol and high blood pressure.
  • Along with a whole host of other diseases and illnesses.
  • Animal products are horrible for the planet and really do contribute to global warming, no matter what craziness you may have heard on the news.
  • Killing animals for food is just unnecessary.
  • So we'd really love it if you'd eat more veggies. And keeping hangin' around for as long as humanly possible!
  • Because yeah, we have mentioned it. We love you.
  • Oh yeah, and Happy Mother's Day!
  • Love,
  • Your favorite child

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