Ditching the Black Friday/Cyber Monday FOMO: How to Spend Less and Give More This Holiday

Ditching the Black Friday/Cyber Monday FOMO: How to Spend Less and Give More This Holiday
Prime Roots

by Prime Roots
November 24, 2020 4 min read

It’s coming. The tension is slowly rising like an Insta Pot waiting for you to quick release the steam. Everyone’s gearing up for it. And some people began their descent into the depths of consumerism weeks ago.
  • Black Friday 2020 has come and gone, but the FOMO is still there. Because today is Cyber Monday! 
  • Normally, this day is associated with gathering, shopping, friends, fun and food. But seeing as this year has had some pretty bleak moments, we’re voting to at least call Black Friday something different next year! Or maybe just cancel it all together. Cyber Monday too for that matter!
  • Here at Prime Roots, we’re pretty big fans of the planet. We spend less money on stuff we really don’t need, won’t last, or harms the earth. We spend more time doing things that help make our world a better place for us all. 
  • We create innovative food solutions to help fix planet-ending problems.
  • By reducing consumerism this holiday, you too are taking small steps to positively impacting our world in big ways! Here are some ways you can opt out of spending and consciously ditch the Black Friday/Cyber Monday FOMO this year!

Volunteer (Safely)

  • Many people choose the holidays to participate in volunteer opportunities. Sometimes that’s the only time they do. Which is completely fine! We are encouraging families to step up this year because 2020 is impacting almost everyone in a not-so-postive way.
  • Here are some ways you can safely volunteer this season and some resources to help get you started on your spend less, give more journey!
  1. Check on your neighbors.  Text or call them and see if they need anything, especially if you’re already going out for something yourself. Elderly neighbors need to stay out of the high risk areas like grocery stores and restaurants as much as humanly possible. Delivering needed items to your neighbors is a no contact way to help out!
  2. Volunteer virtually.  There are plenty of ways you can volunteer without ever coming in physical contact with another human. Many organizations are making sure of that. Check out idealist.org to help out as a tutor, a translator, help organize a fundraiser, or foster a youth all from the comfort of your (kind of) germ free abode.
  3. Drop and go ops. Volunteer organizations such as Meals on Wheels are really hurting for meal delivery folks right now. They need your help! Delivering meals is virtually contact free. You drop the meal off on the doorstep or front desk of a facility and that’s it. You may see people, but you can easily stay more than 6 feet apart and even chit chat with them without increasing your risk of getting sick.
  • You don’t have to commit a ton of your precious time to help out. We’re all busy. And we’re all struggling in some way or another. But in the current world, it’s imperative that everyone really tries to #bekind. There is always someone less fortunate than you. So even the tiniest act of kindness helps!

Donate (Without spending a dime)

Not making the moolah? Join a gazillion other people around the world. The unemployment rate in America is at an all time high and money is tighter than parking deck spacing. 
  • But the truth is, you always have something to give. And if money is in short supply for you, maybe Black Friday isn’t what you need to participate in anyway. Maybe it’s time to change the focus of the holidays to giving more and spending less.
  • For instance:
  • Donating blood is free.  And it saves lives. Not only that, but lots of places actually pay you to donate blood, platelets, and plasma! Find joy in knowing that during a time when blood banks are suffering, you’ve made a difference! 
  • Purging (your stuff) is a good thing.  Do you even use everything in your house? How long has it been since you’ve used some of that stuff? If it’s been over a year, Marie Kondo it. Your clothes, toys, appliances. All of it. You’ll get the feels knowing you’ve helped another human live a better life because you ditched the FOMO for JOMO (joy of missing out).
  • Being a leader costs nothing. Do you have any pull at your job? Maybe you’re a manager or the head hauncho. Give your employees the chance to work remotely, and they’ll have more opportunities to give their time and energy in other ways. It also keeps them off public transportation, out of hospitals, and generally out of the way. Or, just as good, organize a toy drive, food drive, or other form of fundraiser that benefits your community.
  • The point is money isn’t necessarily a barrier to giving back. As a matter of fact, you have an opportunity to save money and help your fellow man (or woman). Contributing to a better world is way better than buying stuff (that you, your friends, or family will probably give away, trash, or sell at a later date anyway)
  • Reducing our consumption of unnecessary *stuff* and replacing it with our time, energy, thoughtfulness, and love is a sustainable solution to help reduce climate change! Everyone can afford to be kind this holiday!
  • Join the Prime Roots team in ditching the Black Friday and Cyber Monday FOMO and finding your JOMO this year and every year! Give more. Spend less. Help humans and the planet live longer, better lives! And don’t miss out on the joy this season!

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