Dropping Like It's Hot! Introducing the First Ever Line of Plant-Based Bacon!

Dropping Like It's Hot! Introducing the First Ever Line of Plant-Based Bacon!
Prime Roots

April 21, 2021
April 21, 2021 3 min read

If you know us, you know we looooooove bacon!
  • Plant-based bacon was the very first product we ever launched because that's what our community asked for. Plus, who doesn't love bacon?
  • No one. Meat-eaters, vegetarians, vegans, flexitarians. Everyone loves bacon.
  • Our bacon is the first of its kind. Unicorn bacon, if you will.
  • It is not made from carrots, eggplant, coconut, tofu, tempeh, or any other crazy ingredients. And it's certainly not made with pigs. Because we're all about saving the planet and the pigs.
  • Our bacon's made with koji, packed with whole food protein, nutrients, and and flavor. So you can eat it without the #foodguilt!
  • Our original bacon has continuously sold out over the past year. Which is amazing! We are grateful for such an awesome, inclusive community of foodies. We thought it was time to create an entire line of bacon flavors! Still made with our signature ingredient, koji.
  • Still no compromises.Still amazingly similar to conventional bacon. And still crazy delicious.

    Let us introduce you to the four new members of the Prime Roots family... (drum roll please)

      Hickory Smoke Plant-Based Bacon

      This flavor is full of the smoky, umami flavors you've come to expect from conventional bacon. It'll give you that cooking by the campfire feel minus you smelling like smoke.
      • Eat it alone or crumble it up in your favorite plant-based pasta dish, your green beans, burgers, or sandwiches. You may even top off your favorite guac dip with it. You can find this new bacon here!
      • Pro tip: Hide it in dips or veggie side dishes and see if your friends or family notice a difference!

      Sriracha Plant-Based Bacon

      Hellllllllooooooo spicy! For those of you who like to keep a little spice in your life – and your belly – this one's for you.
      • Who's had a sriracha bacon before? Raise your hand.
      • Maybe you have or maybe you haven't. But we know you haven't had anything like ours. Heart healthy plant-based bacon that actually tastes like bacon aaaaaaand has the perfect amount of spiciness?

      Maple Bacon

      Now, we realize that maple bacon isn't a totally new thing. But our plant-based maple bacon is.
      • The perfect amount of sweet plus the perfect amount of savory. Our maple bacon has the personality of a Southern Belle and is a perfect cupcake, muffin, or oatmeal, ice cream or donut topper.
      • Keep your eyes on our Instagram orRecipes page for easy Maple Bacon recipes you're gonna want to try!

      Black Pepper Bacon

      This straight-laced, straight forward bacon flavor comes packing a bite! If you've had conventional black pepper bacon before, then you'll love ours even more.
      • Why? Because not only does it taste, feel, and smell like the real deal, you can eat more of it without the #foodguilt!
      • Our plant-based bacon isn't like the others. It's not packed with sodium, preservatives, or cholesterol. So go ahead, stock up on guilt-free bacon eatin'!


      • In all seriousness, we're really excited to be launching the first ever line of plant-based bacon! It's the second generation of our first ever product launch, so it's really special to us. But it's also what our community asked for!
      • We're in the habit of truly listening to our awesome community of foodies, which is why we're constantly asking you want you want us to make. So thank you for being so active in our world!
      • Stay tuned for more stuff going on around our bacon launch! Some of it's fun. Some of it's funny. And some of it is a little on the serious side.
      • But all of what we put out there, food included, is to bring people together and make them aware of how we all can be a part of saving people and planet!

      Check out our FAQs for more info.
      More questions? Contact us at Hello@PrimeRoots.com

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