How Better Self Love Practices Can Save the Planet

How Better Self Love Practices Can Save the Planet
Prime Roots

by Prime Roots
February 13, 2021 6 min read

In the days leading up to one of the most over-commercialized holidays of the year, we thought we'd help you focus on loving more and consuming less!
  • Valentine's Day is supposed to be about showing your loved ones how much they're...well, loved. And while that is incredibly important, it seems more and more people are focusing how to truly love themselves.
  • We think that's a beautiful thing!
  • Unfortunately, the use of plastics, chemical-laden products, and the consumption of unhealthy foods have made what may seem to be an act of selfcare detrimental to our planet. And our health.
  • Caring for the earth is selfcare.
  • A few easy tweaks to your selfcare regimen will benefit you and the planet!

Make your mind matter

There is a mental health crisis in America. You may have already heard.
  • When humans are unsatisfied, their tendency to overconsume kicks in, leaving the planet to suffer the consequences.
  • With depression, anxiety, and suicide rates at an all time high, we need to incorporate radical mental health care into our selfcare routines!
  • Here are some environmentally friendly ways to make your mental health better:
  1. Clear the air. Air pollution is a huge contributor of mental health issues. House plants such as peace lilies, bamboo palms, and English ivy are excellent choices for purifying the air in your home!
  2. Meditate. Instead of jumping in the car to grab that pint of ice cream, try meditation or a quick 10 minute walk instead – moving meditation. You'll be saving yourself the calories and saving the planet while still getting those feel good tingles. Plus studies show that inner awareness creates outer awareness. Which means you'll be more likely to pay attention to your unhealthy eating habits and plastic usage! We love the Insight Timer app! It's free and has thousands of different types of meditations.
  3. Journal.Maybe it sounds a bit cliche, but journaling really does work! Check out Ecojot,  EcoPaper,  or  PooPoo Paper for some unique, beautiful and sustainable journal options! A couple are even tree-free! Or, you can always collect your thoughts on a tablet or computer.  Studies show that the process of expressive writing helps people regulate their emotions!
  4. Supplements.Natural, organic, vegan supplements can be a great addition to a mental health selfcare routine. Folate, Vitamin D, Saffron, Zinc, St. John's Wort, Omega-3, and all the Vitamin B's are shown to help increase serotonin and improve depression and anxiety symptoms.


  • Your mental state matters. Love your mind as much (or more) than you love your loved ones!

Get Physical

Taking care of your body isn't selfish. Taking time out of your day to go for a hike, cook up something healthy and delicious just for you, or soak in the tub isn't selfish. Spending a portion of your earnings each week or month on something that makes you (and you alone) feel good is not selfish.
  • It's selfcare. And it's important.
  • We just want to make it easier for you to create a selfcare routine that loves you and the planet. Call it sustainable selfcare.
  1. Move your body. Go for a walk. Take a hike – literally. Do some yoga. Stretch. Go for a bike ride. Or subscribe to one of the numerous online, often on demand, fitness memberships. Save yourself the time and stress of driving to a gym while also reducing your carbon footprint. These days, there is honestly not much at a gym that you can't get at home. Ride your bike or walk to work if that's available to you!
  2. Planet-friendly personal care. Who doesn't love a good at-home spa day, right? Well, even if you don't (or you're a dude and spa days aren't your thing), investing in or creating planet-friendly personal care products is a form of selfcare. They're better for you and the environment. Check out our blog on 9 DIY Plant Based Skincare Recipes or look up your own! Check outPlant Apothecary,  Acure,  or  Youth to the People for already made vegan skincare options!
  3. Fill your belly better. While healthy eating these days can be expensive, or gross, there are plenty of affordable, yummy options out there if you know where to look! Fueling your body with delicious food that boosts your energy, immunity, and is healthy is an act of self love. It's also better for the planet. Try:
  •      - Grabbing organic, in season produce at your local farmer's market.
  •      - Joining a plant-based Facebook group for ideas and recipes on a budget. (We know a good one here!)
  •      - Reducing your animal protein intake. Meat is expensive ( and awful for the planet). Most of it also isn't all that great for you!
  •      - Experimenting with a variety of herbs and spices, such as garlic,  turmeric, rosemary, thyme, chili powder, and oregano. You can even    grow your own!
  • See? It's really not that hard to create a sustainable selfcare routine. Some of these you may already be doing!


Planet-friendly emotional health

  • In the wake of 2020, emotional health is a hot topic. People everywhere are struggling with the negativity and chaos of pandemic life, climate decline, political turmoil, and social injustice that plagues our nation.
  • We're here to tell you to be gentle with yourself.
  • It's ok to have emotions. And it's ok to take a time out to experience them. Move through them. And use them to fuel a better version of yourself.
  • Save the planet and your emotions with a few planet-friendly emotional health tips from us!
  1. Connect with others. This is a big one. Maybe it's still not the safest to go out and socialize in groups, but connect with your people. Phone calls. Zoom calls. Facetime. Even front porch and driveway talks are a thing now. Whatever you do, don't get sucked into the silence of isolation. Also hug your family. Or hug whoever you live with. Studies show that a 20 second hug releases serotonin and creates that feel good sensation that you crave!
  2. Help an animal. Whether you have the means to adopt an animal or all you can do is visit them at the shelter, studies show that animals positively impact our emotional health. Animal shelters across the nation are in constant need of volunteers to cuddle, feed, and generally take care of the animals in their care. Animal adoption agencies are always on the hunt for good foster families for their furbabies. Many farms need help with their horses, cows and other farm animals. Whatever you choose, helping and loving on animals will contribute to better emotional health.
  3. Contribute to a cause. You know that feeling you get when you give someone a gift? Especially if it's a surprise gift. Scoop up that feeling on the regular by contributing to causes you care about. Whether it's through a volunteer opportunity or a monetary contribution, there are tons of causes that can use your support, especially right now! We love:


  • Those are just some of our faves. Because supporting causes that help reverse the effects of climate change is kind of our thing. But your emotional health will benefit from any cause that's important to you!
  • We're not saying that you don't need to show others just how much you love them this Valentine's Day.
  • We're just saying you deserve love too. And the best kind of love is self love...that saves the planet.
  • So we hope you use these tidbits of love from us to you this Valentine's Day and every day!
  • Not feelin' the love? Join our community of mission-minded foodies! We're doing aaaaaaalll the self love things and it's free to join! Drop your email and zip deets in the form below to get access to all the giveaways, freebies, and be invited to all our exclusive in-person and virtual events!
  • Oh yeah, and have an aahhhhhmazing "Self Love Day"!

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