Is flexitarianism or ecotarianism a food fit for you?

Is flexitarianism or ecotarianism a food fit for you?
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by Prime Roots
June 16, 2020 3 min read

While vegetarianism and veganism are gaining popularity, these lifestyles can be difficult to adjust to and often require drastic changes in one’s life. For busy lifestyles and foodies that like to go out to eat, it can be hard to switch to these rigid diets since there is a lack of plant-based options in general.

Don’t feel bad, you’re not alone — 95% of people still eat meat although 32% of millennials are trying to eat less meat! If you want to eat more consciously and be a part of a movement towards food that tastes better and is better for the world, ecotarianism, and flexitarianism are two lifestyles that are gaining in popularity but that aren’t as difficult as going completely plant-based.

These lifestyles make large impacts for your health and environment and are easy to integrate into your current lifestyle. So what exactly are these two lifestyles all about?



Flexitarians are also sometimes called Flexible Vegetarians, being vegetarian or vegan most of the time and occasionally eating meat in situations where options are limited or at a certain cadence. Rules for when you can eat meat varies person to person and being flexitarian is often about optimizing for health and easing oneself into a primarily plant-based diet.

A great way to become a flexitarian is to cook plant-based meals at home and try to choose non-meat meals when eating out but for it to be okay with occasionally eating meat. The aim of these two lifestyles is to reduce meat and consciously eat and make changes incrementally.
If you want to find out more about flexitarians, join the Flexitarian Foodies Meetup Groupand join the I can’t believe it’s not meat! group on Facebook!

Flexitarian Foodies for Facebook Group



Ecotarianism is a lifestyle in which the consumption of foods that are environmentally sustainable is prioritized. While a primarily plant-based diet is usually better for the environment and for health, there are environmentally sustainable meats that can be consumed. For example, invasive species such as sea urchins, lionfish, and crayfish create large problems to native ecosystems and eating them could help restore habitats.

For ecotarians, local foods are also at the heart of ecotarianism and understanding the seasonality of foods for better flavor as well as the reduction in environmental burden from food traveling many miles or being grown in unsustainable systems.

What you can do
It is possible to make large positive changes to our environment and health with small diet changes like doing Meatless Mondays or choosing meat alternatives to throw in for protein at dinner. The days of bland and lifeless meatless foods are over — there are so many delicious protein options and meals that don’t use meat. Check out our recipes for quick meatless dishes that are definitely Instagram-worthy.

It all starts with some learning about where our food comes from and understanding which choices we can make that have a lesser impact on our environment while also being delicious. The recipes featured on our Read page are all plant-based and are chef-tested and foodie-approved. Power comes from community — we encourage you to share your own recipes and be a part of a movement for beautiful, delicious, and impactful food. Good food without compromises.

All of Prime Roots products are all made for the busy foodie. We are changing the status quo of meat and we invite you to be a part of our foodie community for change. All of our products are made without animal-based ingredients, we are working on meat and seafood alternative products and more — if there’s a product that you can’t live without and want an alternative, suggest a product here. Taste the change, become a member to connect to your roots.

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