Kick Chaos Goodbye With Last Minute Plant-Based Holiday Treats

Kick Chaos Goodbye With Last Minute Plant-Based Holiday Treats
Prime Roots

by Prime Roots
December 21, 2020 4 min read

  • There’s nothing like a last minute gift need, holiday gathering, or seasonal event to turn your already hectic holiday into full-fledged chaos.
  • Going to a store 4 days before Christmas is like fighting a war with the Vikings...without a shield.
  • Not to mention you’ll get your daily work out in just walking from your parking space to the store entrance. 
  • Plus, it’s 2020. Geeeeeeeeerms!
  • No, no, no. We simply can’t have that!
  • You know what people love the heck out of? Food. Especially holiday food! And there’s nothing that’ll show your people you care like something homemade with love. Don’t be crippled by the chaos this season.
  • Get your apron out and whip up one (or all) of these easy vegan holiday treats made with pantry staples that you probably already have tucked away in your kitchen!


Christmas Crack

Also known as saltine cracker toffee, you’ll understand why people call it Christmas Crack when you taste it!

  • This is literally the easiest and quickest holiday recipe to make and is  perfect as a gift or for your holiday work party. People will flock to it! (Just be sure to tell them where you found the recipe! *wink*)
  • All you’ll need are a few ingredients and you can make this holiday goodie your way!
  1. Saltine crackers: Or substitute Ritz, graham, or club crackers. Gluten free options also work!
  2. Chocolate chips: milk chocolate, white chocolate, vegan or not
  3. Butter: Traditional or vegan butter both work!
  4. Brown Sugar
  5. Toppings: Candy canes, holiday sprinkles, pretzels, sea salt, toffee bits, the choice is yours!

This is our favorite  Christmas Crack recipe! Just remember you can make it vegan or not and it’ll still be delicious!

  • Wanna try something a little fluffier?

Vegan Banana Bread

Believe it or not, the thing we love most about this recipe  isn’t that it’s vegan!

  • It’s that  it doesn’t matter that it’s vegan. Because no one can tell the difference! It’s moist, delicious, and fluffy. The other great thing is that you don’t have to make it vegan if you don’t want to. It’s versatile like that.
  • You can make a loaf to give as a gift or muffins to take to a holiday gathering. It’s easy. It’s quick. And, most importantly, it’s yummy.
  • - 3 medium overripe bananas
  • - White sugar
  • - Brown sugar
  • - Cinnamon 
  • - Flour
  • - Baking soda
  • - Vanilla extract
  • - Baking oil of your choice
  • - Any add ins you may want like walnuts or vegan chocolate chips
  • This recipe comes together in less than 30 minutes! While it’s baking you can focus on other fun holiday activities...maybe relax a little?
  • Or, since you’re in the groove you can try your hand at another easy plant-based holiday treat!

No Bake Vegan Brownies

They are as easy to make as they sound! And they’re made with ingredients you probably already have on hand. Plus, our favorite recipe includes an optional vegan chocolate ganache!

  • If you’re not a vegan, don’t worry. You’ll still have a hard time getting these to wherever they’re going without scarfing down at least three. Maybe four. Definitely no more than four.
  • Plus, what’s quicker than no bake holiday desserts? They’re gift worthy  and  holiday gathering ready fast.
  • You’ll need:
  • - Raw walnuts
  • - Raw almonds
  • - Unsweetened cocoa powder
  • - Dates (you can substitute equal amounts of raisins or figs)
  • - Cacao nibs
  • - Almond milk (optional)
  • - Coconut oil (optional)
  • - Powdered sugar (optional)
  • - Dairy-free dark chocolate (optional)
  • That’s it! You could even add some candy cane crumbles to the top or some peppermint flavoring to the batter to make these even more festive! Here’s your go-to  no bake brownie recipe!
  • When you need to kick holiday chaos to the curb, you can’t go wrong with no bake  and chocolate! Which leads us to our last last-minute holiday treat.

Vegan Nut Butter Cups

  • We chose to say “nut butter” instead of peanut butter because you can use whatever nut butter you want for these easy no bake holiday treats!
  • So grab your cupcake liners, your favorite nut butter, some powdered sugar, vanilla extract, salt, and vegan chocolate chips and follow  this recipe  for a quick fix plant-based holiday treat...for you or your friends! 
  • Or both. We say both. 
  • Last minute doesn’t have to mean living la vida loca this holiday! You’ve got us to help you keep your tidings of comfort and joy going strong!

  • Need some more plant-based eating support? Check out our inclusive Facebook group,  I Can’t Believe It’s Not Meat and get access to plenty of people who share your struggles and celebrate your triumphs on this journey to nourishing people and planet!

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