Koji Talk: The Whole Food Plant Based Protein Behind Prime Roots

Koji Talk: The Whole Food Plant Based Protein Behind Prime Roots
Prime Roots

by Prime Roots
January 18, 2021 4 min read

It’s hard for us to talk about our foods without talking about koji.
  • We get a lot of questions from our amazing foodie community about what it is and what role it plays in our whole food proteins.
  • And, because we don’t want you to be scared away by big words or words that don’t sound yummy on our website, we decided to feature it here for the world to see and understand. 
  • Because nothing’s worse for koji than being misunderstood. Superfood proteins don’t like that.

What is koji?

Buzzwords about fermented foods have been all the rave lately. Words like kimchi, kombucha, and kefir. 
  • So you may not have heard much about koji until you met us!
  • Koji has been traditionally used in Japanese foods for many years. Now, chefs worldwide have discovered this superfood fungus that literally transforms the taste and texture of many types of foods. 
  • You may be put off by the idea of eating fermented fungus, but the flavor is in the fermentation. Koji is a whole food protein full of the sweet, savory, and salty flavors that you often find in meat, cheese, beer, and bread.
  • It’s also used in miso, soy sauce, and sake, if you’re into those.
  • During the fermentation process, the fungus releases certain proteins and carbohydrates, which gives it that delicious umami flavor that you’re familiar with in animal proteins.
  • Turns out fermented fungus isn’t so scary after all. Actually, we think it’s pretty savory!

Superfood koji is super healthy

Unlike many hyper process protein isolates, koji is not only a minimally processed whole food. It’s packed with probiotics, fiber, and chock full of nutrients.
  • Protein isolates are generally in powder form. They are common amongst fitness fanatics, vegans, and bodybuilders because these powders quickly and easily add protein to their diet. The problem with protein isolates is that the high protein content has been separated from a whole food protein through chemical extraction.
  • So you get a chemically enhanced protein supplement that tastes like cardboard.
  • Prime Roots meats made with koji, on the other hand, mimic the traditional taste and texture of all the meats you crave with the added benefits of:
  • - Prebiotic fiber that supports a healthy gut
  • - Higher protein content than actual meat
  • - Amino acids that aid in energy production and digestion
  • - Vitamins and minerals that aren’t found in plants (or animal protein)
  • - Better immune function 
  • - Being cholesterol free and heart healthy
  • It’s naturally grown and harvested, environmentally friendly, gluten-free, soy-free, and 100% vegan. Koji is a whole food and has more bioavailability than a chemically treated isolate. Plus, it’s soooooo yummy!
  • If you haven’t checked out our amazing meats yet, we recommend you start with our best-selling Prime Roots Plant Based Bacon!

Planet-loving koji

So we’ve made it pretty clear that koji is a few things: a whole food super protein, extremely nutritious, and crazy delicious.
  • When our founder and chief foodie, Kim, decided she wanted to create delicious food that saves the planet, using koji was an obvious choice for her. Here at Prime Roots, our primary goal is to create a community of mission-minded foodies. 
  • Our second goal is to nourish people and planet.
  • We want to reduce our carbon footprint, save the trees and the Amazon rainforest. We want to help reverse climate change. And we believe everyone deserves to have access to affordable, high quality food and clean water.
  • And we want to do it all using koji.
  • We grow and harvest our koji in sunny Berkley, California. Your Prime Roots meats and meals are shipped directly from our place to yours with no pit stops to other states or countries between! 
  • Koji requires 90% less land and water to grow and harvest than many other plant-based proteins, making it a naturally planet-friendly food source that gives back to the Earth more than it takes.
  • And while we’re chatting about the environment, we can’t help but toot our Prime Roots horn a little. Because all of our meat and meals are created and shipped ethically, using materials that are recyclable, compostable, and environmentally safe. 
  • We’ve also been featured in Forbes, Well+Good, Business Insider, and Fast Company! Those folks know perfect plant protein when they taste it!
  • So there you have it. Prime Roots is revolutionizing the meat industry using our star ingredient, koji. Why? Because it’s sustainable, plant-based, better for you, and better for the planet.
  • Wanna join our mission to feed people and planet together? Maybe you’re a super foodie, and you’re interested in becoming a Prime Roots Ambassador or Taste Tester (freeeeee foooood)! We saved you a seat at our table!
  • Join our community of inclusive foodies. It’s free to join! Be in the know when we offer monthly freebies and giveaways and get your exclusive invite to all in person and virtual events! 
  • You can get all the deets on our Community page or drop us your email and zip code in the form at the very bottom of this post! We’ll only send you emails if they’re yummy. Promise!

Check out our FAQs for more info.
More questions? Contact us at Hello@PrimeRoots.com

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