Prime Roots Founders Kim and Josh Get Real About Life

Prime Roots Founders Kim and Josh Get Real About Life
Prime Roots

by Prime Roots
February 18, 2021 4 min read

If you know us at all, you know we love good food, our planet, our foodie friends, and a really good story!
  • It's not all about business as usual. We like to have fun!
  • Kim and Josh are real people after all. With real lives.
  • And in the spirit of fun, we wanted to know what life is really like when you're running a plant-based business world takeover! Just kidding. Maybe. We love all our plant-based food business friends.
  • Anyway, we asked the questions. And they gave us answers!
  • So check it out!

What do you both do in your home life that is environmentally impactful?

Josh (Chief Techie): I automate the house so the lights and heat turn off when we're not home. (Of course you do! Hehehe)
  • Kim (Chief Foodie): I grow food in self built raised beds.

What do your days off typically look like?

Josh:  I spend time learning new things on YouTube University, catching up with the news and the latest and greatest from the week.
  • Kim: My days off are spent cooking and cleaning usually...and trekking to find new foods (including my "Instagram" foods). In the winter we like to go skiing as much as we can!
  • Did you know that Kim and Josh both used to be competitive skiers? That's actually how they met! Over the years, Kim noticed ski lodges closing down and once snowy slopes were melting. It was heartbreaking to see so many people lose their businesses and their favorite ski slopes because of climate change.

What funny habits or quirks do you each have?

Josh: I have so many tabs that I have tabs for my tabs on my computer.
  • (Shocker. lol)
  • Kim: I can go to sleep on command any time I want.

Tell us about your furbaby!

Josh: He is an emotional support animal that runs away at the first sign of distress and is a dog that has many adorable quirks.
  • Kim: It was love at first sight! I didn’t have a dog friendly home at the time but knew that I had to adopt Chuy. I made sure we got a dog friendly office so I could bring him to work (eventually moved into a dog friendly living situation too). Chuy is a really big 100+lb dog that thinks he is a lap dog and thinks he is a hooman which is so endearing. 

What do you both do for selfcare?

Josh:  I love myself a good massage to relieve a lot of the pain and soreness from a stressful week.
  • Kim: Sharing good food with friends or snuggling up with my dog Chuy and one of the hundreds of books that I’ve hoarded but have not started reading.

What does the day to day running of Prime Roots look like for each of you individually?

Josh:  We all hold a lot of hats to it really depends on the day and the week. As our CTO (Chief Technology Officer), I usually deal with everything related to technology. I can be doing everything from setting up our security infrastructure to planning our R&D roadmap.
  • Kim:  Fortunately (or unfortunately), I have no two days that are the same. I love how in my day I can go from working with our marketing team on a new campaign to help our R&D team come up with new ideas or helping to develop new recipes!

Do you both nom nom Prime Roots meats and meals on the regular?

Josh: Yes. I personally love our seafood products that we made early on.
  • Mmmmmm, we can't wait for the vegan seafood products to be available on the website for delivery!!
  • Kim: Of course! These days, I usually try more food that other members of our team are whipping up, but from time to time, I help with recipe development and like to cook using prototypes at home.

What Prime Roots product is your "baby"? Why is it so special and what's the story behind it?

Josh:  All the products! I work on making our Koji. So I'm always thinking about all the products and how to grow our koji in better ways, perfectly replicating the texture and tastes of all the plant based meats and seafoods we are making.
  • Kim: Definitely our plant based seafood products are my babies. We started Prime Roots about four years ago and focused on making seafoods because they're the most challenging. We knew we could do one of the hardest things to nail in terms of texture, nutrition, and of course flavor and taste. I'm really proud of the work that we did and excited to see them come to life (soon? ;))!

What's been the biggest hurdle in launching this business? How did the two of you work with each other specifically to overcome it?

Josh:  There was a large mindset shift for the both of us going from wanting to make everything perfect and obsessing over small details to embracing change. To rapidly changing and learning from all the things that we thought about and acted upon rather than just thinking about the best thing to do. We really learned how to make decisions fast and learn fast.
  • Kim:  Initially it was being able to get the space to be able to tinker and put together lots of recipes and make food. My apartment was under 300sqft with a small kitchen so it was humble beginnings but we quickly outgrew it in every way.

  • We're grateful that Kim and Josh are always so open and honest about their life inside and outside of Prime Roots!
  • As a team and a brand, we are always striving to be transparent and real about our how our meatless meats and meals are created and grown from the ground up. But we also want our community to know that we are real people. With real lives.
  • And we really love our fellow foodies and planet!
  • Don't believe us? Check out our Community page and explore how Prime Roots cares about people and planet and is invested in the growth of a community of inclusive foodies! We also invite you to join our free Facebook group,  I Can't Believe It's Not Meat! where you'll find recipes, resources, and real life stories from fellow foodies who work with Prime Roots and those who don't!
  • We'll see you there!

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