Prime Roots Shipping Costs Explained

Prime Roots Shipping Costs Explained
Kim Le

by Prime Roots
November 17, 2020 4 min read

Hi foodies! Kim here!
  • Recently, the Prime Roots team and I have received a lot of feedback from all of you amazing foodies about our shipping costs to regions East of the Rockies. And because we truly care about our inclusive community of food-lovers, I want to address this issue head on.
  • We strive to always be transparent from the roots up, and our shipping processes aren’t excluded from that goal.
  • The truth is, the only way we can begin to reduce shipping costs of all your favorite Prime Roots products is with your support! You are the key to helping us continue our mission to nourish people and planet in America and (hopefully) worldwide!
  • Since we rely on you, we want to explain our shipping costs in a way that you will understand!

Why is shipping so expensive?

The West Coast vs. Everywhere Else Dilemma

  • Shipping food is fundamentally a different world than shipping most things.We have to ensure the quality and safety of your precious delicious goods. Consumers are used to buying products online that don't have to stay cold.
  • Large companies like Amazon have also created a world where shipping is cheap or free due to a massive network of distribution centers. This means we all are accustomed to receiving free shipping for almost anything and everything you could possibly need or want.
  • Prime Roots is a small but growing company. We don't have massive distribution centers or logistics hubs and networks (yet). This means when we ship to you we are shipping directly from sunny Berkeley, CA, no matter where you live. 
  • Within the western US shipping is extremely reasonable or even free with orders of over $99. To the eastern US, since the products can only have 1-2 day transit, that means the cost billed from our shipping carriers is extremely high, especially with the recent pandemic and increasing shipping costs. To make shipping less expensive for you right now, we’d have to lower our standards and food creation costs.
  • And we’re just not willing to compromise on the quality of our products! We are building a business that is sustainable for the planet and better for the people.
  • However, you can help!
  • The more we grow, the more likely it is that our shipping costs go down.
  • We encourage you to consider joining our foodie community and become a Prime Roots Ambassador so you can spread the Prime Roots love. Also, you get free food!
  • When we grow, you win! So please keep up the amazing support you’re already showing us!

The shipping cost break down

  • There are three other major factors that contribute to shipping costs: size, speed, and destination.
  • In our case, your foods are prepared fresh and are temperature and time sensitive. We ship them in boxes packed with eco-friendly cooling packs and materials. We can only ship either 1 or 2 days to make sure it gets to your door fresh and cold.
  • Destinationis also a key player in the cost of shipping. Since we are located in California, our foods are “farm” to “table.” That means it costs us significantly more to ship fresh food across the country to our East Coast friends in a short timeframe. 
  • As we expand and grow we will be able to decrease shipping costs, handle distance better, and enable our community from coast to coast to experience Prime Roots products quickly and affordably.
  • For many months we contemplated not shipping to the East Coast. However, an overwhelming number of our community of foodies wanted the option to experience our products and to support our mission. We did not want to deny our community the ability to do that. So we provided nationwide shipping as an option.
  • We’re so excited to be delivering amazing products directly to your door! We want nothing more than to create a greener planet together – for our generation and generations to come! Soon, we’ll be available virtually and in person across the country!

The Bottom Line

  • We have mighty goals here at Prime Roots. We believe that everyone should have access to delicious and nutritious food, and we hope that one day, we’ll be feeding millions, if not billions of people our amazing food!
  • Our top priority is building a strong, inclusive community of foodies on a mission to help us nourish people and planet. A group that understands the importance of collectively eating less meat. A group that is passionate about sustainability through and through.
  • I want nothing more than to offer high-quality plant-based food that you love with an affordable shipping cost to every person around the planet. But we simply can’t do that without the continued love, support, and growth of our phenomenal foodie community!
  • So if you haven’t joined us already, please do! Our community is full of awesome foodies from all walks of life. Omnivores, flexitarians, vegans, and vegetarians. All are welcome here! It’s free to join! You'll get access to our inclusive “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Meat” Facebook group and invites to exclusive online and in person events. Also, be in the know when we offer giveaways, promos, and community exclusives.
  • And as always, we are grateful for you!
  • Much love,
  • CEO of Prime Roots and Chief Foodie, Kim

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    3 Responses

    Rory Murrell
    Rory Murrell

    May 22, 2021

    That sounds good and different I’m going to order me some of that Bacon one day this is the first time I have heard of this company good looking out u are going to kill it with sales believe me

    Mike & Suzanne Hayes
    Mike & Suzanne Hayes

    April 05, 2021

    Are all your meals ready made to heat in oven or stovetop

    Barbara Boethlin
    Barbara Boethlin

    April 05, 2021

    Nowhere do I see a product weight or size, nor any mention of how many servings the product provides! This is very basic information. While your products are no doubt delicious, they’re obviously only intended for a economically privileged niche market. I am a low income senior, and a vegan. It is typical that nothing new and exciting is ever developed for us. I am sorry, but I will not be able to afford your product line!

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