Ravioli Remix! 7 Fresh Ravioli Recipes to Try

Ravioli Remix! 7 Fresh Ravioli Recipes to Try
Prime Roots

March 19, 2021
March 19, 2021 3 min read

The original of everything is sooooooo 1980's, right?
  • The remix is where's it's at!
  • Nothing like a fresh new take on a food that's over 700 years old to get ya going in the right direction in the kitchen. You'd think there's not much left to be done with a simple little pasta pocket stuffed with yummy goodness.
  • Why fix something that ain't broke, right? Wrong!
  • We're here to help you remix ravioli better than Black Eyed Peas song Where Is the Love.
  • For realz.

1. Dessert Ravioli - Chocolate Hazelnut Ravioli

We started with dessert first because no one really wants to save dessert for last! Especially not all you amazing foodies out there, right?
  • Try making this dessert ravioli from Giada De Laurentiis plant-based by using a vegan egg substitute and plant-based hazelnut spread like Nutiva. Or make your own! You can find more about plant-based egg substitutes in  this blog post!


2. Ravioli Sandwich - Plant Based Mac N Cheese Ravioli Sandwich

Yes. Yes we are suggesting you create a giant ravioli sandwich full of plant-based mac n cheese.
  • Follow the instructions in this recipe from Tasty for making the "ravioli" and fill it with your favorite plant-based mac n cheese. We recommend a coconut oil wash to replace the egg and whatever bread tickles your fancy!


3. Ravioli Poptart - Vegan Berry Poptarts

Is a poptart anything but a largish raviolo (see Ravioli History Facts)?
  • Poptarts are ranked as one of the top unhealthiest breakfast foods. But check out the Minimalist Baker's healthier plant-based poptart recipe here! Make those babies into minis and BOOM. You've got yourself ravioli poptarts.
  • Life is delicious!


4. Mini Plant Based Ravioli Burgers - Fried Ravioli Sliders

Yep. We totally went there. We dug deep and couldn't find an actual plant-based version of this recipe from Tasty.
  • But that doesn't mean you can't make it plant-based yourself! Grab a couple of packs of Prime Roots Plant-Based Ravioli and fry them up. You can use your favorite meatless ground beef and vegan cheese to make these juicy Fried Ravioli Sliders.
  • We just took ravioli remix to a whole new level!


5. Plant Based Ravioli Lasagna - Epic Vegan Ravioli Lasagna

Pasta within a pasta dish?! Um, heck yeah! We are totally on board.
  • This vegan ravioli lasagna from Sweet Simple Vegan has all the makings of the perfect plant-based any night meal. Plus, prep is quick and easy. Which means clean up is quick and easy!
  • It's what dreams are made of.


6. Ravioli nachos - Plant based ravioli perfection

As if we haven't already given you some of the perfect-est ravioli remix recipes and ideas, we still have a couple of more.
  • This one doesn't come with a recipe, but it's still easy peasy. Grab a pack of your favorite plant based ravioli, fry it up in your air fryer or deep fryer. Slather on your favorite melted vegan nacho cheese dip (check it out here) and all your favorite plant based nacho toppings!
  • Voila! You're welcome.

    7. Plant Based Ravioli Salad - Mediterranean Pasta Caesar Toss

    This is literally the easiest week night dinner you could possibly fix.


    • We are crazy excited to be launching our first line of limited edition ravioli flavors! Try one. Try them all. Use them in your own recipe remixes and tell us about it on any of our social media platforms! Tag us @primeroots and we'll be sure to respond back!
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