The Veganuary Challenge: Here's 6 Things to Expect When You Go Plant Based!

The Veganuary Challenge: Here's 6 Things to Expect When You Go Plant Based!
Prime Roots

by Prime Roots
January 04, 2021 4 min read

Happy New Year!
  • Ahhhhh. There’s just something that’s always fresh and inviting about a new year. Maybe it’s the air or that anticipation of amazing things to come. And the excitement and buzz that follows along with that.
  • This year, it’s the hope that things have got to get better, right? 
  • Maybe you’re one of those folks who makes New Year’s resolutions. Or maybe you just decide to start living your best life.
  • If either of those actions includes starting a plant-based eating journey, well, you’re in the right place! And if they aren’t, maybe the idea of the following changes in your body is enough to get you at least moving in the direction of a plant-based lifestyle. 
  • We’re not here just for the food. And neither are you! We’re here to support you in whatever healthy choices you make and to help you figure out what “new you” is going to be sustainable in the New Year!
  • So here are 6 changes you can expect to experience when you begin your plant-based eating path!

1. Power up with plants!

Whether you’re into drinking a morning cup of Joe, green tea, or warm lemon water, or celery juice, you’re on the hunt for an energy boost from the first sip through well past suppertime.
  • Plants are packed with energy-boosting power that can sustain you all day long. 
  • You’ll notice the difference in how you feel your first week of plant-based living. Whether you’re choosing to uplevel from vegetarian to vegan, or you’re the new kid on the plant-based block, you’ll notice increased energy and probably better mood when you start incorporating more whole plant foods into your diet.
  • Since you’ll be avoiding sugary treats and processed foods, you’ll ditch the blood sugar spikes and crashes, even if you still enjoy that morning cup of hot goodness.


2. Get all glowy

Another change you’ll notice when you get your plant-based game on is your skin!
  • Most folks who transition to vegetarianism or veganism notice a change in their complexion within the first week or two, but that doesn’t mean you have to go either of those routes to enjoy the glowy benefits of eating plants!
  • Any time you increase the amount of whole, unprocessed plant-based foods in your diet, you’re getting more nutrients and creating a healthier gut biome. Believe it or not, your gut affects your skin!
  • Plus, plants tend to have more water than processed foods or sugary junk, which automatically helps give skin that healthy glow.
  • But speaking of gut biomes…

3. Check out that gorgeous gut

The standard American diet these days does not promote a healthy gut. But the gut biome is a vital part of healthy digestion and immunity.
  • When you start your journey to newfound plant-dom, you’re doing your digestive tract and your immune system a huge favor. 
  • Not to mention your colon. So prepare to be cleansed from the inside out!
  • You’ll notice the difference in how you feel after getting all that gunk out of your digestive tract. Lighter, healthier. More energetic. Aaaaaand, you’ll give your immune system a big ole boost. Which, let’s face it. We all need, especially these days.


4. Enjoy a new, lighter you

While switching to a plant-based lifestyle isn’t a quick fix or fad diet for weight loss, it’s definitely a kickstarter for it.
  • We want you to know that we think all bodies are beautiful. Every single one of them. And we promote healthy eating that is still yummy and also good for the planet.
  • But if your New Year includes losing some unwanted pounds, then incorporating more plants into your diet is a great way to do it! Just make sure you’re not eating all of oneparticular plant! Eat the rainbow as they say.
  • Most folks who go from a diet high in saturated fat and calories to a plant-based one see weight loss fairly quickly. Be sure to consult your doctor or a nutritionist if you plan on drastically changing your diet!

5. Kiss your sweet tooth goodbye

It’s not a given that your sugar cravings will go from 60 back down to 0 on when you adopt a plant-based eating lifestyle.
  • But they sure do decrease. A lot.
  • Because you’re not succumbing to that afternoon sugary drink or donut, or snacking on processed junk throughout the day, you’re more likely to avoid the highs and lows that come with the notorious sugar cravings and crashes.
  • Not to mention, your desire to dive into the tub of ice cream or chips often comes from your body’s need for quick energy. Because you didn’t give it long lasting energy to begin with.
  • Whole food plants give you sustainable energy all day long and the nutrients your body needs to keep performing at its best.
  • If you dostill get those cravings, check out our inclusive foodie Facebook group I Can’t Believe It’s Not Meat for recommendations on all kinds of yummy plant food replacements for your traditionally sugary goodies.

6. A healthy start to a healthier heart

According to the CDC, heart disease remains the number one killer of adult Americans. Followed closely by cancer.
  • Plant-based foods contain soluble fiber, known for decreasing cholesterol. Many also possess the power of omega-3 fatty acids and nutrients that are perfect for maintaining a healthy heart.
  • On top of that, plant-based foods contain phytochemicals, which are compounds that have been proven to help prevent cancer.
  • We’re not doctors, but we’re pretty sure plant-eating is better for you than that processed microwave dinner.
  • Be prepared for your doctor to say “ya done good” at your next heart check up if you’ve jumped on the plant-based eating bandwagon!
  • And there ya go! There are tons of benefits to starting a plant-based lifestyle. The food options are endless, and it’s a healthier way to eat for you and the planet! 
  • We’re here to encourage and support you on this crazy plant-based life journey! To celebrate your successes and help you through your challenges. We’re pretty cool cats, and we love meeting new people! So if you wanna join our mission-minded community of plant-eaters, drop your email and zip deets below!

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