We Made Snoop Dogg's Billionaire's Bacon Better

We Made Snoop Dogg's Billionaire's Bacon Better
Prime Roots

May 03, 2021
May 03, 2021 1 min read

It makes us feel how we want to feel!

  • We did a thing.
  • We made Billionaire's bacon better...twice. (Don't be mad, Snoop. We still love ya!)
  • It's thicc. It's juicy. It's sweet and savory. And it fries up just like conventional bacon. Prime Roots Plant-Based Billionaire's bacon is our take on Snoop Dogg's Billionaire's bacon. Only oinkless.
  • How'd we do it twice? We made Trillionaire's bacon.
  • Yeah. We're extra like that.
  • Trillionaire's Bacon is still plant-based, still thick, juicy, sweet, and savory. But it has legit 24 kt gold flakes in it! (Snoop, did you hear that?! GOOOOOOOOLD.)
  • You tell us, Snoop Dogg. Which one makes you feel how you wanna feel!! Check out your new Bae-con options!


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