Why We're Launching Plant-based Meat and Seafood Ravioli

Why We're Launching Plant-based Meat and Seafood Ravioli
Prime Roots

March 19, 2021
March 19, 2021 3 min read

  • Hi! It's Kim here. CEO and Co-founder of Prime Roots.
  • I'm also fortunate enough to be the head ravioli developer for this big, meaty, fun ravioli launch!
  • When I started Prime Roots over four years ago, I was trying to solve one of my biggest problems. It's also a problem that I've now heard from countless Prime Roots community members.
  • Plant-based eating is hard. You have to to go out of your way to eat plant-based and still include the foods you know and love.
  • I want plant-based eating to be convenient, affordable, and delicious.

You're our why, always

  • Prime Roots is here to replace everything. From the most difficult products to make – like seafood – to the simple things that we all know and love but are hard to replace.
  • After learning about the health and environmental impacts of meat, I took it upon myself to find better plant-based protein alternatives because there were (and still are) few options for the conscious eater.
  • In our most recent community product voting poll, we added in convenient ready to eat and ready to cook options (including ravioli) and you all spoke. Loud and clear.
  • You asked for convenient, familiar options to whip up at home like ravioli. Comfort food. So that's what we're doing.
  • I'm honored to be on this journey with you all. We will create it all. I promise.

Sourcing your input and our ingredients

  • After setting our sights on creating the best plant-based ravioli in existence, we knew finding the perfect flavor combinations was going to be key.
  • How did we do it?
  • We had a lot of great input from YOU all! A few weeks ago we launched a poll on our Instagram page to learn what flavors everyone wanted to try and we took the results and got hard to work tinkering with different recipes. We embrace the community input and always look forward to sharing our collective creation.
  • My favorite part of cooking up any new plant-based dish is sourcing fresh, local, amazing ingredients and tasting the various different flavor combinations.
  • I've been super fortunate to get to eat a lot of pesto and truffles the past few weeks!
  • For the ravioli launch, we wanted flavors and ingredients that would compliment our chicken, seafood, and sausage. With your voices and our ingredients, we feel like we've created the perfect flavor combinations for our raviolis.

Notes from the kitchen

  • It was really important to us for our ravioli to be full of filling. Hearty and meaty. So we could highlight our deliciously umami plant-based meats. I've never been impressed with ravioli that is more pasta than filling!
  • Fresh pasta was also an important factor for our ravioli. Every batch of ravioli is made from scratch with fresh pasta!
  • Thinking of my own eating habits, I absolutely eat my fair share of raviolis, I'm the person that buys 3 types of Costco packs of ravioli because... they're delicious and easy. It's the perfect weekday night meal! But it's difficult to find ravioli that are even close to as full of filling as ours are.
  • Everyone always wants to know what the most difficult flavor of any product launch was to make.
  • In this case, it was the bacon and butternut squash ravioli. It's one of my favorites, but it was hands down the hardest one to nail down. After trying a handful of other butternut squash raviolis, it was interesting to see how many different flavor combinations there were. Balancing highlighting the bacon with letting the flavors of the herbs and organic butternut squash also shine through was a fun challenge.
  • My very favorite, though, is the Chicken and Truffle Ravioli! It's rich and hearty and oh so umami. As a mushroom lover, this is hands down the best!
  • I am so excited for this ravioli launch! We are excited. The whole team can't wait to hear your thoughts on these limited edition flavor combos! We also left plenty of room for more flavors in the future.
  • We really hope you get to experience our limited release of these delicious raviolis and get a taste of our new proteins and flavors.

  • Best,
  • Kim (Co-Founder and Chief Ravioli Developer)

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