You're Ruining the Planet on Memorial Day

You're Ruining the Planet on Memorial Day
Prime Roots

May 25, 2021
May 25, 2021 4 min read

It is estimated that there will be 60% more travelers this year on Memorial Day weekend than last year.
  • That's approximately 37 million Americans boarding planes.
  • It's not hard to beat last year's totals when we were in the midst of a pandemic and countrywide shut down. So what's the pre-pandemic norm? About 45 million. Forty-five million Americans travel over 50 miles from their home by car or plane to celebrate this beloved holiday.
  • So on top of the already environmentally harmful food-centric holiday, we're creating one ginormous carbon footprint.
  • Part of our meaty mission is educating people on how cool it is to eat less meat. Bringing people together who have the same vision of a healthier planet and healthier people as we do.
  • So we want to do you – and the Earth – a solid and show you just how much your Memorial Day celebrations cost the planet. Because it's a pretty big deal.

Fireworks pollute our air, soil, and water.

Don't throw stones just yet. We're not bashing fireworks per se. We're making you aware that there are better options.
  • Fireworks cause substantial air pollution in a short amount of time, leaving dangerous toxins in the air for hours or days. Some toxins from fireworks don't disintegrate but hang around polluting everything they come in contact with.
  • Try something different!Attend a concert, sleep under the stars, or go for a hike! Orrrr, petition for your community to buy biodegradable fireworks and educate citizens on how they can be a part of offsetting the carbon footprint of this traditional celebration!

Artificial is never the way to go.

Those fake flowers are beautiful. They last...well, forever, and stay colorful for a long time.
  • But they aren't recyclable. They aren't biodegradable. And they're terrible for the environment!
  • If you're going to leave flowers on a certain loved one's gravestone this Memorial Day, make them the real ones. Yes, you may have to replace them more often, but that just means you'll have more excuses to go visit!
  • Not into regularly visiting? That's cool. Instead of investing in those horrible fake flowers, consider honoring your loved one by planting a tree, bush, or flowering plant in their honor!
  • And of note, if you're celebrating the life of a fallen Warrior, they deserve more than some fake flowers you found at the dollar store on your way to the cemetery. They gave up their life for your freedom. For you to live.
  • Treat them well, even in death.


The meat industry doesn't give a crap about your health or the planet.

But we do. And we're here to tell you that the sales of plant-based meats are up over 200% from last year.
  • That means more people are leaning into the idea that a plant-based diet is better for their health and the environment.
  • Memorial Day is definitely a meat-centric holiday. But did you know that between Memorial Day and Labor Day, Americans consume 818 hotdogs per second?! Considering the fact that the consumption of red meat and pork are two of the leading causes of heart disease in America, we'd say that's a problem!
  • Not to mention that grilling meats is directly related to cancer due to the carcinogens that are released in the meat at high temperatures.
  • Does the meat industry care? Nope.
  • If you're on the hunt for a plant-based meat that tastes, looks, and smells like the real deal, check out our Plant Based Bacon! You can cover anything in that stuff! Or, even better, bring the best side dish to your Memorial Day gathering. Our Plant-Based Mac N Cheese comes in 4 varieties and is our top selling meal.
  • Why? Because it's that good!

And about the planet...

While we understand that regenerative agriculture is growing and is good for the land and soil, we also know that there is no way our planet can support approximately 1 billion heads of cattle, even within that framework.
  • The earth just can't thrive with almost 8 billion meat eaters on it, folks. It won't thrive.
  • Meat agriculture is one of the leading causes of greenhouse gas emissions. It produces more CO2 emissions than all the worldwide types of transportation combined.
  • Every time you grill hot dogs, hamburgers, steaks, brats, you are directly contributing to the death of our planet. We know that vegan eating isn't for everyone.
  • Not even our team.
  • That's why we push for plant-based eating instead. If everyone replaced one meal a week with a completely plant-based one, we'd be well on our way to reversing the effects of climate change.
  • Just. one. meal.
  • If food-centric holidays in America were based on high quality, healthy foods instead of ones that break your heart and the planet, we'd be securing a better future on this planet for our children and grandchildren.
  • And that's worth making the switch.

More ways to quit ruining the planet on Memorial day...

We've made a quick list. Because lists are awesome.
  1. At least consider eating less conventional meat.
  2. Use reusable plates, napkins, eating utensils OR...
  3. Set up recycle bins at your gathering and use recyclable materials.
  4. Kick most of those decorations to the curb. They're not planet-friendly.
  5. Don't travel far. Stick close by and reduce your carbon footprint (also, less road rage).
  6. Grill with natural gas, not charcoal or wood.
  7. Shop for your Memorial Day cook out at your local farmer's market.
  8. Only invite people who are within walking or biking distance.
  • Do one. Do them all. Or do more. Whichever way you go, you can feel good about doing your part to reduce the effects of climate change this Memorial Day and all food-centric holidays to come.

  • Make Memorial Day a day when we honor those who have fallen by protecting part of what they fell for. It wasn't just our freedom. It was our right to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. Our right to health. To breathe clean air.
  • If you haven't joined our mission to feed people and planet, you should! Joining our inclusive community of foodies is free and comes with perks like rewards points that equal cash and personal invites to our exclusive online and in person events!
  • You'll learn about our Ambassador Program and how to become a Product Taste Tester for us. Which basically means free food!
  • Check it out here and have an amazing, heart healthy, planet-friendly Memorial Day!

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