The ‘Deli’ on Wheels That's Too Cool for Fuel!

April 02, 2024 2 min read

The ‘Deli’ on Wheels That's Too Cool for Fuel!


This isn’t about who created the truck or the narratives swirling around it.

This is about making an impact through America’s most consumed food: sandwiches.

Prime Roots makes cold cuts for a hot planet - that are roughly 10x more sustainable than conventional meats - and for every slice and sandwich we serve up we impart positive environmental change and change a lot of people’s minds about plant-based meats.

Having a snazzy mobile that turns heads and breaks down preconceived notions about plant based helps a lot.


Why a Cybertruck, You Wonder? Lettuce Explain...

1. It’s Sandwich

We’ve been talking for years about what a “mobile” (à la Wienermobile) would look like. We obviously wanted sandwich vibes and when we first saw the Cybertruck IRL we couldn’t help but think it looks like a sandwich. This truck is fun, maybe even a bit ridiculous. It turns heads, and gets some unexpected people sold on plant-based deli meats!  That's a win for the planet.

2. A fresh slice

Just like our meats - always freshly sliced and no compromises, we wanted a fresh new option for a new school deli as our old fleet vehicle, a not-so-cool Ford Transit, was overdue for a refresh (not to mention is a gas-guzzler and a real looker too).

Enter the Cybertruck. With the large bed, and  unique  tonneau cover we can have an even more unique style of refrigerated van – a true mobile deli!


 The unique bed lets this happen but also close up fully to be aerodynamic on the highway and protect our little deli from the rain and the elements, also because it is electric we can  finally  run our refrigerator parked without idling an engine.


We had considered other electric trucks and vans (as much as we loved the Rivian), but the vans available today are very short range (and don’t look like a sandwich) and the other EV trucks wouldn’t support having a deli in the back due to dimensions and function (also while not looking like a sandwich).

3. Driving green dreams

We didn’t want to rack up hundreds of thousands of miles on a utility gas vehicle when we knew there was a better way, and a way that could save us some cold cash for a sandwich stash. We did the math and found that the Cybertruck was roughly 9-10x more sustainable than a gas vehicle and would payback itself in fuel cost savings alone in about two to three years time! 

4. Adventure, on a roll!

Just like a sandwich can accompany you on your active adventures – we have also produced the fastest deli case ever but also the first to be off-road capable. At Prime Roots, we want to connect with our fans beyond the deli aisle wherever you take your sandwiches. See you out there!

We'll share more about our new whip, how we turned it into a fully functional deli on wheels, and of course what we're going to do with it soon!