10 Easy Vegan Dips to Surprise Your Super Bowl Sunday Crowd

10 Easy Vegan Dips to Surprise Your Super Bowl Sunday Crowd
Prime Roots

by Prime Roots
February 06, 2021

There's a holiday coming up. At least in America anyway!
  • Nope, we're not talking about Valentine's Day. We're talking about one of the biggest foodie fan days of the year.
  • Super Bowl Sunday.
  • Tomorrow, football and food fans all across this great nation will root on their favorite team and bond over beer and good food. While also judging which Super Bowl ad deserves the "Super Bowl Worthy" award.
  • Whether you're on a plant-based food mission or dead set on grilling the perfect slab of pork ribs, no Super Bowl is complete without dips and chips.
  • True story, right?
  • Well we've got the ultimate vegan dip recipe round up that will have any and all food fans loving on the plants this Sunday!


1. Vegan 7 Layer Bean Dip

How can you even Super Bowl without the classic 7 Layer Bean Dip?!
  • The correct answer is you can't.
  • So we did the footwork and found what we believe is the perfect Vegan 7 Layer Dip that will satisfy your crowd's craving, whether they're plant-based eaters or not! They'll love the fluffy guac, crunchy veggies, and the perfect amount of cheesiness this vegan dip offers.
  • Also, everything literally tastes better with bacon. We think this is the perfect recipe to top off with some Prime Roots Superprotein Plant-Based Bacon!
  • This creamy, delicious dip is perfect for any sporting event. Or a Tuesday night dinner. With leftovers on Wednesday and Thur...nevermind. It's gone.
  • Speaking of guacamole.

2. Game Day Guac

  • Another must have for game day is guacamole. Super simple to make. Nutrient dense. Goes with anything from chips to your favorite veggies. And there are tons of great already made, good for you brands available at your local grocery store.
  • Wholly Guacamole, Hope Foods, and Sabra are a few brands we love when we're in a pinch.
  • However, if you're a make-your-own guac sort of person like we are, you'll definitely want to try this one from Allrecipes! It gets its 5-star rating for a reason!


3. Easy Vegan Pizza Dip

Yep. We said pizza!
  • We found a recipe that takes one of America's top any-day-of-the-week go to family feasts and turns it into a dip. And then made it vegan. #mindblown
  • Since we're pretty certain Super Bowl Sunday isn't complete without pizza, we had to include this recipe from Vegan Richa. Award winning recipe developer and blogger, Richa, says she whipped up this Easy Vegan Pizza Dip during half time!
  • It's a twofer with a side of foodie love. Pizza. Dip. Happy game day crowd.


4. Vegan Buffalo Chicken Dip

We know. We know. Some of your people may have second thoughts about chowing down on the vegan version of this classic game day staple.
  • Just don't tell them!
  • Nora from Nora Cooks swears by using artichokes in her highly recommended Vegan Buffalo Chicken Dip! Of course, you could also use vegan chicken, tofu, or even jackfruit, but artichokes are her secret ingredient for this dip!
  • Best part (besides it being vegan, of course)? You can spice this recipe up or down according to your taste! Find this awesomesauce recipe here!

5. Vegan Hot Broccoli Dip

Whether you and your Super Bowl buddies love broccoli or hate broccoli, you'll still love this dip! And you seriously won't even be able to tell that it's 100% dairy free and vegan!
  • The flavor is in the blending and seasoning of the other ingredients. We promise!
  • This vegan Super Bowl dip would be just perfect in a bread bowl, but it honestly doesn't matter what you dip in it. It's heavenly!
  • Check out this crazy delicious recipe at Karissa's Vegan Kitchen!


6. Creamy Vegan Queso

What's a party without queso, right? Right.
  • This isn't the quickest vegan queso recipe, but it's certainly the yummiest we've ever tried. The flavors are built up in the cooking. And it's soooooo worth the effort!
  • If you're a connoisseur of vegan cheese sauces and haven't found one that hits the spot, this is it.
  • Um, also, Prime Roots Plant-Based Bacon would definitely pair well with this. We're just sayin'.
  • Your fellow foodie fans, whether vegan or not, won't know your queso secrets. What happens in the kitchen stays in the kitchen.
  • Here's the recipe!

7. Vegan French Onion Dip

The game. is. on!
  • Pair this classic with any of your favorite dippable foods and you're set until well into the first quarter!
  • We prefer to use plain ole' potato chips because it's just...well, classic. Like the dip. But almost anything will do. Veggies, crackers, bread, pretzels.
  • This creamy vegan French Onion Dip is packed with more punch than that scoring punt from the winning team.
  • Win your game day crowd over with a healthier version of one of their faves.
  • Grab your Vegan French Onion Dip recipe here at Simple Veganista!

8. Healthy Chickpea Cookie Dough Dip

Even "normal" people will go back for seconds and thirds of this amazing dessert dip. They might just bring the bowl with them.
  • Katie's been featured on The Today Show, CNN, Huff Post, and Fox News. And her Chickpea Cookie Dough Dip is internet famous!
  • If you're going to have dips at your big Super Bowl gathering, you simply have to have at least one dessert dip! You know, for the sweet tooth foodies in your crew.
  • Who doesn't love raw cookie dough anyway?
  • Right. Well this one's safely edible. And vegan. Grab Katie's recipe over at Chocolate Covered Katie here!


9. 5 Minute Magic Vegan Caramel Sauce

We found another awesome dessert dip for you! In case, for some strange reason, you're not a fan of cookie dough (weird, but we still love ya).
  • Plus, this one's great with fruit! Fruit is a healthy alternative to many other dippable foods and makes this whole thing gluten-free, soy-free, and dairy-free. Perfect for the vegan and non-vegan crowd!
  • This magical dip was even created by a non-vegan! We know, right?! Her name is Lindsay, and her caramel sauce is sinfully good.
  • Lindsay has the hook up to this delicious sauce here. Trust us, you'll want to smother just about anything with it!
  • And drumroll please....
  • Our final Super Bowl dip surprise!

10. Chocolate Hummus

No, we're not even kidding. Bear with us here!
  • First of all, it's chocolate. Everyone likes chocolate. Second of all, this hummus is quick and easy to make with pantry staples you probably already have.
  • Bonus for not having to run to the store at the last minute on game day with the other crowds of people! Seriously. This hummus tastes almost exactly like chocolate pudding!
  • Actually, it's better.  And it's better for you.
  • Kids and adults alike will eat this stuff by the spoonful. So you better have some fruit or graham crackers ready.
  • Or a second batch! Grab the recipe from Don't Waste the Crumbs. You won't regret it!


  • That's your recipe round up complete! All the dips you need to surprise and feed your hungry Super Bowl crowd tomorrow!
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