Why Rebrand?

January 13, 2022 3 min read

Why Rebrand?

Greetings from the Prime Roots kitchen!

You may have notice we've changed in more than a few ways than one. From a new look, a new distribution plan, and even a new product direction, we feel like Prime Roots is becoming the company we've always wanted to be. A priority of this next chapter was to create a real conversation between us, our partners, and eaters like you. As a first step, we wanted to give you a little bit of insight into why we decided to totally rebrand, and what the process looked like behind the scenes.

Made by Meat Eaters

The catalyst for our rebrand was a philosophical one. Not so much a shift in our values, but a shift in what we wanted to communicate to the world.

Since our founding, Prime Roots has been made by meat eaters. Unlike most of our industry, our founders are not vegan or vegetarian, and truthfully have no intention to become it. While we admire and support the commitment to a fully plant-based diet, we recognize it's not realistic for the majority of eaters for a myriad of reasons.

However, we are proud flexitarians. To us, this means not having to follow rigid food rules, but understanding the negative costs of eating meat and seeking out alternatives when we can. Through conversations with many of our customers, we realized that most of you actually feel the same way.

Yale's Climate Communications program recently found that only about 4% of Americans consider themselves vegan or vegetarian. Prime Roots was founded in the hopes of speaking to the 96% of people who still eat meat, but want to make better choices with the food they consume.

As meat eaters ourselves, we were looking for a meat alternative that wasn't highly processed, pumped with additives, and most importantly, tasted like meat. We believe we've found an answer in koji.

Part of us feels like we're telling a secret we were told not to tell. (Seriously, we've been advised not to expose ourselves as meat eaters!) But mostly, we hope this resonates with you. Prime Roots aims to create Koji Meats that are delicious and easy to swap into every type of diet, because we believe that collective small actions can end up making the biggest impact.

Our New Products

In speaking directly with eaters like you, we heard that you wanted two things: delicious meats and convenience.

Last year, we attempted to answer that need with pre-made meals featuring our Koji Meats, but our sales numbers told us that our most popular product by far was Koji Bacon by itself. When we began the rebranding process, Kim and Josh thought back to their original vision for Prime Roots: walking into the grocery store and seeing the entire deli case filled with animal-free meats. From there, our team got to work on developing each of our deli favorites, starting with turkey and ham.

Unlike soy and pea proteins that tend to have a crumbly texture, koji lends itself perfectly to making a sliceable deli meat replica. Our bulk Koji Meats are unlike anything available for sale today; they can be fresh-sliced at any thickness, and have a true umami, meaty flavor. Check out our product page for the full lineup.

From now on, Prime Roots is going whole hog into the deli category. Fresh-sliced cold cuts have been a staple in our households since childhood, and we hope to find a place in yours soon. We will be launching exclusively with some of the best chefs and deli clerks in the country, where you will be able to interact with Koji Meats in person for the first time.

Prime Roots, Grown Up

To match our new conceptual identity, Prime Roots needed a makeover. If you knew us before October 2021, you may recognize this version of us:

A little quirky, out there, and designed with loud colors to attract online customers. We teamed up with branding agency Saint Urbain to reimagine our previous look into the the premium, nostalgic, meat-centric brand you're seeing today.

They worked with us over several months last summer to create moodboards based on other brands we admired and the messaging we wanted to get across, then translated all of that inspiration into an entirely new design system.

We are proud of each iteration of Prime Roots and the support from people like you at each step of the way. Each of these big shifts have brought us to the company we've always intended to be. So take a look around, let us know where you'd like to see Koji Meats next, and we hope to join you on a lunch break soon!