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Product FAQ’s

All of Prime Roots meats are gluten free and soy free.

However, some of our meal products are not since we may use wheat or soy in things like soy sauce or pasta. All the allergens and ingredients are listed on the product pages.

Our products are 100% plant based, no animals here! No funny dairy, egg, or meat stuff here.

Our bacon, bacon crumbles, and ravioli are very happy in the freezer, however we have designed our meals to be consumed fresh and cannot guarantee that they will retain the same flavor and texture if frozen.

Due to the complex nature of kosher certification, especially when it comes to products with innovative ingredients, we are not kosher certified at this time. It's something we hope to explore in the future though!

Typically our meals will have a 1-2 week shelf life in the fridge once you receive them. If you're unsure, check the date printed on the front of your meal.

Our ravioli, bacon, and bacon crumbles can be stored safely for up to 3 months in the freezer, or 2-3 days in the fridge once thawed.

Shipping and Handling FAQ’s

Yes, our products require refrigeration and are shipped cold. Please follow instructions on the package. Meats typically good in the fridge for 1 week after receipt and can be frozen, meals are fresh and must be consumed by the best buy date typically 1+ weeks from arrival.

It ships refrigerated with eco-friendly ice packs that can be disposed of down the drain. The box and inserts can be recycled. We use recyclable plastics that can also be re-used. We try to do our part in reducing packaging waste or anything that can't be re-used, recycled, or composted.

We currently ship US nationwide. We hope to expand to more countries in the future. If we don’t offer shipping in your area, please join our mailing list and community to stay tuned for updates!

Please review this blog post to learn more:

For in-stock items (not product drops or seasonal items), we ship Monday through Wednesday with a 1-3 day transit time. Your orders are fulfilled in the order in which they are received. There are occasional delays due to shipping carriers and limited capacity, so please let us know if you need your order by a certain date and we can try to accommodate.

We send out order confirmation emails after you place your order followed by a shipping and tracking notification once your order ships. Please check your spam folder if you can't find your order confirmation email.

We’re sorry for the technical issues! Have you tried another browser or another device?

Because we have a cold perishable product, we have to give special care to maintain the safety and quality of the product. We have to ship at faster speeds which makes the process more expensive.

Yes, we now offer US nationwide availability.

We currently do not offer international shipping. International expansion is our long-term goal, and we would love to send it everywhere and anywhere! Right now, we're focusing on nationwide US shipping. Long-term, we will look into international expansion.

My Order

Unfortunately since our items are perishable, we are unable to take returns due to safety concerns. If there are issues with your order, please contact us at hello@primeroots.com or fill out our online contact form here, and be as detailed as possible so that we can assist you quickly.

We ship mon - wed to ensure that food arrives at temp, if you ordered after Wednesday morning your food gets batched with the next week's orders.

If the order was already placed and you need to change your address, please contact us as soon as possible so that we can attempt to change it.

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