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Meats and Meals Samplers

Are you a new plant-based foodie? Maybe you’re simply unfamiliar with the superpower that is Koji. Or maybe you’re an all in animal meat-eater looking to tippy-toe into the world of plant-based proteins. We’ve got a sampler for that!

Ditch the Dishes Box $89.00
Tired of take out but don't do dishes? Enjoy nearly 5 whole days of lunches or dinners and bring take out in!
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Bring Home the Bacon Box $89.00
Hey, bacon lover! Can't get enough of the sizzly stuff? This one's for you!
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Best of Box $89.00
Can’t decide what you wanna try first? That’s cool. We’ve got a box for that!
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Signature Mouth-Watering Meals

Love what you heat and eat with fresh, not frozen whole food meals. Whether you’re craving comfort or crazy wild, Prime Roots offers you all-natural, wholesome 100% plant-based meals, all of which include our very own “better-than-meat” meat, koji. Nutritious food prepared to nourish you and the planet.

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Plant-Based Kung Pao Chicken $9.99
Add some spice to your life with this traditional Chinese meatless chicken dish.
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Plant-Based Bacon Mac and Cheese $9.99
Craving comfort food? Prime Roots Bacon Mac to the rescue! It's creamy plant-based goodness.
Plant-Based Hawaiian Shoyu Chicken $9.99
Say Aloha to this sweet and savory 100% plant-based chicken dish.
Plant-Based Ginger Pork Soba Noodles $9.99
Be inspired and energized with this classic vegan Japanese meal. Delicious!
Plant-Based Beef Thai Lemongrass Larb $9.99
Take a trip to Thailand with this flavor-packed signature vegan Thai classic!
Plant-Based Bacon Kale Quinoa Bowl $9.99
Naturally smoked bacon goodness paired with fresh kale, pickled red onions, and a light balsamic vinaigrette. Yummy!

Prime Roots Meats

Turn your meal into a masterpiece with easy-to-cook plant-based proteins like our bacon. Delicious, 100% all natural, and power-packed for breakfast, dinner, and any time in between. All of what you love. None of what you don’t. Who said you can't have bacon for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks?

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Limited to 2 packs per order

Plant Based Superprotein Bacon $9.99
Naturally smoked bacon goodness, this is the better-for-you bacon you've been dreaming about!

Limited to 2 packs per order

Prime Roots Extras

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Prime Roots Gift Card from $5.00
Looking for a thoughtful, delicious, and sustainable gift? Look no further.